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Incorporate Charity into Your Website

Looking for a way to encourage online giving to the visitors of your website? Here are a few options to consider:

  • Network for Good – Link to Network for Good by downloading a Web banner and linking it to More information and banners below.
  • Good Cards – Link to the information and ordering site for Network for Good’s gift card for charity:

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to collect donations for your organization? We can help. Please see Network for Good’s nonprofit services page for resources and tools to power online fundraising.

Are you a company or developer looking for something more integrated? Visit our partner page to learn more and contact us today.

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Logo Download

The following Network for Good logos are available:

The following “Powered by Network for Good” logos are available:

Logo Usage Guidelines

Building a recognizable brand is an important priority for Network for Good, and logo identity plays a critical role in the effort. The guidelines presented here will help you to create high-quality marketing material for both the Web and print that represent the Network for Good brand.

The GivingPerson symbol and the Network for Good logotype, precisely aligned, comprise the Network for Good logo. It is the cornerstone of Network for Good’s identity and the primary common element of all communications. To preserve the legal protection and market strength of the trademarked logo, you must use them correctly and consistently, according to the following guidelines:

  • Display the logo and tagline only in the forms specified in this guide.
  • Use the logo only in its complete form, always keeping the GivingPerson symbol and logotype together.
  • Use only the master electronic artwork files.
  • Make sure that the logo appears with the ® (registered trademark symbol) at the baseline of type.

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