Network for Good Achieves Milestone in Midst of Strong Japan Relief Response

BETHESDA, March 22, 2011Network for Good this month reached a major milestone in online giving – $500 million in donations processed for over 60,000 nonprofits since it was founded in 2001.  The total included more than $5.8 million in Japan relief in the past twelve days.
Network for Good has powered Japan relief donations through its own website, links through Yahoo and AOL, and via several partners such as Causes on Facebook and Capital One.  Network for Good curates a list of relief organizations responding to the crisis and works with partners to promote donation links so donors can make informed giving decisions.  In response to the Japan disaster, over 60% of donations have been made via media partners such as AOL and Yahoo, who promote ‘how to help’ links on their homepages and embedded in news articles.
As with other past disasters, many donations are directed to the American Red Cross (about 60%) and the top five charities make up over 80% of all relief donations.  Other organizations rounding out the top five include: The Salvation Army, Save the Children, AmeriCares and the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California.  Most of the over $218,000 in donations to the Japanese Cultural & Community Center were made by 2,000 supporters of the organization’s ‘Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund’ on Causes on Facebook, demonstrating the reach and expediency of social networks during times of disaster.  Unlike other past disasters where the giving peaks and falls within a few days, the donation volume for Japan relief remained steady throughout the first week of disaster response.  The donation volume trended in lockstep with the media coverage of the response and complications such as, aftershocks, tsunami alerts, nuclear warnings, electricity outages, and snow and freezing temperatures.
Network for Good’s Japan releif page can be found at 
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Network for Good is a nonprofit that enables charitable acts anytime, anywhere through technology.  Network for Good helps nonprofits raise funds for their missions through simple, affordable and effective online fundraising services—including donation processing, email outreach and online event registration tools—and offers free training through its online learning center ( and webinar series (  Through partnership with corporations, Network for Good  provides expertise and solutions to deepen engagement with consumers and employees through charitable giving and cause marketing initiatives. Network for Good has processed approximately $500 million in donations for more than 60,000 nonprofits since its 2001 founding by AOL, Cisco and Yahoo.
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