Volunteers and Alumni Help A Wider Circle Find Fundraising Success

Volunteers as well as folks who have benefited from A Wider Circle’s adult education programs help spread the word of this nonprofit’s mission. Email and postal communications—including quick and easy DonateNow links—help share the group’s impact and successes, leading to online fundraising success.

Pair outreach with easy giving opportunities.


Dr. Mark Bergel

Founder and executive director Dr. Mark Bergel says their online fundraising success is a direct result of the team’s outreach to families, plus active engagement from volunteers and folks who’ve benefited from their programs. Dr. Bergel adds that AWC signed up for DonateNow because of NFG’s commitment to serving the nonprofit community and excellent customer support. He also likes how easy it is to change and adapt the donation page to suit their needs.

Supporters become part of AWC’s paper mail and email lists. Dr. Bergel sends a personal note to every donor, and AWC sends monthly emails that include DonateNow links. Communications emphasize the impact of each donation and incorporate success stories from beneficiaries. AWC’s website displays a DonateNow link at the top of every page to make it simple for visitors to make the leap from interested reader to active supporter.

Nonprofits that stay with us, grow with us.

A Wider Circle began fundraising with Network for Good in 2004, raising a modest $3,000. In 2012, AWC’s online fundraising results equaled $256,000. This amazing growth shows the power of the Network for Good relationship over time. A Wider Circle has also participated in Network for Good coaching and training, revamped its website, expanded its donor base, and accelerated its mission to end poverty in the Washington, DC area.

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