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Four Ways You Can Make a Difference – Learn How!

A Kid’s Guide to Giving originated when author Freddi Zeiler, at age 14, decided she wanted to make a difference in the world. There were so many charitable organizations to choose from that she didn’t know where to begin—so she set out to research them all.

After compiling information on more than 100 kid-friendly organizations, Freddi has broken down her findings into an accessible guide to giving time and money, donating goods, and organizing charity events.  Make a difference and get involved by using the steps below. You can help needy children, conserve the rainforest or protect animals from extinction

Step 1: Look into your heart

Step 1: Look into your heart.
Think about what cause means most to you.

There are all sorts of charitable causes. You just have to decide what issues are closest to your heart.

  • Are there disaster relief efforts you’d like to contribute to?
  • Does your heart break when you hear about animals in need?
  • Can you imagine not having food or medicine when you need it?

Step 2: Support a cause you love

Step 2: Support a cause you love.
You can search by what interests you or by charity name from more than 1.8 million charities.

Step 3: There are lots of ways to help!

Step 3: There are lots of ways to help!
Decide what you want to do to help.

Step 4: You can make a difference

Step 4: You can make a difference.
Create a favorite charities list and send to your friends and family.

Think about sending out your favorite charities list for your next birthday or over the holidays. It gives your friends and family a way to show they care about the things that are important to you.

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