Corporate Good Card FAQ

How Does the Good Card Work?
1. Your company orders cards (Electronic or Paper versions – or create your own!)
2. Recipients receive cards (in-person at an event, via mail or email)
3. Recipients go to Network for Good’s (or your) website and redeem their Good Cards as a donation for any 501c3 charity

4. Network for Good sends designated charities donations – 100% goes to charity

How Much Will it Cost?
1. Choose quantity of cards and donation amount per card ($10 minimum); you are responsible for the purchase value.
2. Add cost per card : $5.00 + shipping for printed cards and $2.50 per codes to print or email on your own. We can reduce the fee per card for larger orders of over 4,000 cards or codes.

3. For a co-branded landing page (sample), there is an additional charge of $500-$1,500 depending on the level of customization.

Do Good Cards Expire?

No, there is no expiration date for bulk purchase of Good Cards.

Is There a Minimum Order for Corporate Good Cards?

Yes – 50 cards.  If you don’t need 50 or more cards, you are welcome to purchase lower quantities through our site.

Can I Customize Good Cards to My Brand?

Yes!  You can either create a Private Label version (customized by you) or add your logo to our standard version.  See samples below.

Private Label Versions (you create the design and add our codes and required information)

Standard Version (you can add your Company Name or Logo)


Email: You can customize the copy and add your logo, but we try to use this template.
Does My Company’s Private Label Good Card Have to Conform to a Specific Format?

No!  You can get creative and design a Good Card in any format you like: a postcard, an email, a 8.5″ x 3.5″ card on heavy cardstock, a 2″ x 3″ credit card style plastic card … anything goes!

However, private label Good Cards must include the following information:
  • Amount:
  • From:
  • Id #: 1234-1234 [SAMPLE ID]
  • Spend This Online At: [or your company’s URL]
  • “In appreciation of your business, we invite you spread help and hope wherever you choose.” [SAMPLE ORIENTATION]
  • “Powered by Network For Good” Logo
  • Legal Disclaimer:  Nothing of value is being held in trust for the benefit of the card holder.
Can Network for Good Print My Private Label Good Cards?

While we can’t print your branded cards in-house, we do have a relationship with a printing company that is familiar with the Good Card product. We’d be happy to make an introduction so that you can leverage a design of your own, additional fees will apply.  Again, our standard version is ready to go and we can add your name or logo.

Can I Direct Recipients to My Company’s Website to Redeem Good Cards?

Yes!  We encourage partners to set up Good Card pages on their websites to recirculate traffic.  Once you have aligned your brand with the gift of charity, why shouldn’t you reinforce the connection when it comes time for your recipients to make their donations?  We can even co-brand the redemption pages on the Network for Good website with your brand’s logo to maintain the association through the entire donation process. Contact us to learn more.

Sample Good Card Redemption Websites:

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