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How Millennials can help you boost corporate sponsorships

Millennial Guide

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new guide, Engaging Millennial Employees. While the guide focuses on helping companies understand how social good can help them win over young talent, this ebook is packed with facts that nonprofits use to better engage Gen Y supporters, staff, and volunteers—as well as strengthen their value proposition to corporate sponsors.

Here’s a tip from the guide that can help your nonprofit effectively integrate Millennial employees into your culture and fundraising goals.

Myth: Millenials don’t care about communities

A recent American Psychological Association (APA) study purports that Millennials are selfish, close-minded, and greedy. Somewhat unsurprisingly, MTV—arguably a Millennial-made network—came to their defense by rebutting some of these claims about “Generation Me.”

In the APA study, only 36% of Millennials supported “participating in a community action program.” MTV posed the same question in different words. When asked the importance of “helping those who are less fortunate in your community,” 66% of Millennials responded affirmatively. This, of course, is great news for your cause.

Fact: transparency rules

The “MTV Generation” (Gen X and Gen Y) believes in companies that are aligned with charity. A full 83% of Millennials trust socially responsible companies, and 74% are more likely to pay attention to that company’s message because of its deep cause commitment.

What to do:

Help your corporate partners demonstrate a meaningful alignment with your cause by co-branding campaign communications. Showcase their financial support via impact metrics (think: donation thermometer, images of who you’re helping, testimonials, seals of approval) on your website. In turn, ask the company to display your nonprofit’s logo on their corporate social responsibility and/or community pages with a link back to your site.

Why this helps your cause:

Millennials searching for jobs look to the company’s nonprofit partnerships to guide their decision as to whether or not the work is authentic. By building a meaningful corporate partnership, you lend credibility to the company’s portfolio and attract Millennials who are passionate about working for a cause.

For more facts and myths about Millennials, download the free guide: Engaging Millennial Employees: Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Cause.

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