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The Secret to Getting People to Give: 14 Reasons Why People Donate

How To Get Non Profit Donations

Giving isn’t a business transaction. It’s a human connection. To inspire donors to give, you need to make a meaningful connection by showing them why they matter and how they can make a difference. When you understand why your donors give, you’ll be able to make a more effective appeal.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your donors personally and find out why they give. Their stories matter, and sharing them creates inspiration for others to follow their example. (If you don’t have an easy way to keep track of your relationships with your donors, check out Network for Good’s easy donor management system.)

That being said, here are some of the top reasons why donors give:

  1. Someone I know asked me to give, and I wanted to help them
  2. I felt emotionally moved by someone’s story
  3. I want to feel I’m not powerless in the face of need and can help (this is especially true during disasters)
  4. I want to feel I’m changing someone’s life
  5. I feel a sense of closeness to a community or group
  6. I want to memorialize someone (who is struggling or died of a disease, for example)
  7. I was raised to give to charity—it’s tradition in my family
  8. I want to be “hip,” and supporting this charity (i.e., wearing a yellow wrist band) is in style
  9. It makes me feel connected to other people and builds my social network
  10. I want to have a good image for myself/my company
  11. I want to leave a legacy that perpetuates me, my ideals or my cause
  12. I feel fortunate and want to give something back to others
  13. I give for religious reasons—my faith teaches me to help others
  14. I want to be seen as a leader/role model

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  • People act from the heart, not the head. Yes, your nonprofit has to show that it’s a good steward of donor money and you need to impart where all that generosity is going, but your appeal must contain more than numbers and pie charts.
  • Giving is a personal act. Your appeals need to be donor-centric. Make sure to tell your donor why they should care, and why they matter to your organization. Learn more about crafting your call-to-action and writing personal emails.

There are many reasons why people give. When you’re crafting your next fundraising appeal, take this list out and ask yourself if you’ve tapped into these reasons.

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  • Kelly

    I cant raise 1 donation for cancer 🙁

  • Patricia

    Please read and share this story. Thank you!

  • Mya Burns


    Honey and Shea Burns are a huge part of the Puna community. If you ever met Honey, you know how loving and strong she is. My brother Shea was diagnosed with spinal meningitis as a baby and he needs care 24/7 because of his seizures. Doctors said he would only survive a few weeks, but my mother has selflessly cared for him for the past 32 years. His medications are very expensive and some months my mother pays over $400 out of pocket to keep his seizures under control. She is a 70 year old retired woman and the expense is just too much for her to handle. My family is hurting right now, and on top of everything else, my mother is due to have surgery this October. She simply cannot afford to do this alone and I need to be there to support her and my brother. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to relocate from Portland, OR and help take care of my family through the difficult months to come. If you could please donate and share her page it would really help my family:


  • Ashley

    Please read my story and share it to help me reach my goal.

  • Pam Miller


    I have never done a fundraiser and am looking for some help on where to post my Give Forward link and ideas on campaigning, etc. I know my story is a bit unique, so I am trying to find appropriate outlets.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Rani Nimri

    Please help spread the word need all the help I can get thank you

  • Ricki

    I’m a single mother of one 3 month old, struggling to get a car to make it to appointments. Please help by donating to our page thank you.

  • Natasha MJ Spira

    I want to feel I’m not powerless in the face of need and can help. Any donation to help me in the causes I am doing fundraisers will be appreciated. Thank you for your support.

  • Rachel Geary
  • Manas Mantri


    Please help these children. If your hearts fill, even a penny is fine.

  • Thomas Nolan


    I am trying to help a local student and friend of my son. His kidneys are failing, he will need surgery very soon. All proceeds will go to the family to help them get through this tough time.

    Thank you

  • Scarlet fry

    I really want to help my friend and send her to college. Shes been the only one having family income and she struggling to keep her family feed on her own. Only having a seasonal job and its difficult no one is hiring her. I want to see her go to school and not think it’s going to be a burden to go.
    Please anyone help me send her to college

  • Shayla Wilson

    Please support a dental student’s mission trip to Cameroon!

  • Doom Bringer

    Dear everyone,

    For those reading this article I just wanted to spread 3 charity causes as they just like a lot of causes need some love.
    Not asking you to donate or anything feel free to do so as you please, just asking anyone to check them out.

    Here they are:

    Thanks a lot,

    Yours sincerely,

    A Charity Supporter.

  • SSA Chiapas

    The Chiapas Club raises money to help send kids in Chiapas, Mexico to school in order to receive an education and better their future. The club travels to Chiapas at the end of the school year to deliver the money and personally see how the money we raised will help the Mayan community. Thank you in advance for your support!

  • christine schimanski

    I am helping my brother to beat cancer. Please help if you can.

  • Belle Tutors

    I made a humble donation fund ($500) just to help me until I transition into this new job. I am trying to figure out how to offer something to people in return. 😉

  • Dolly Rice-Lara

    Good afternoon, Nana & Papa’s Nest Inc is a new start up non-profit Parrot Sanctuary. We are the voice and advocate for abused, neglected, ill, injured, and non-socialized parrots. We only take parrots that have been surrender to veterinarians, animal shelters, and in some cases from parrot owner where there are no other options. Many parrots are brought into the veterinarians and animal shelter to be euthanized.

    Please visit our web site and see the parrots. Toni the Bird of the Month for October came from a horrible situation which is why she wearing a Sock Sweater.

    Please donated to help Nana & Papa’s Nest Parrot Sanctuary. The parrots are our life long residence.

    Thank you for your support! The parrots appreciate it.

  • Kathy Liu

    Hi this winter break I’ll be going to Cusco, Peru with MEDLIFE, a nonprofit organization that invites college students, such as myself, to travel to underserved countries and work hands-on with local medical professionals and specialists, providing medical and community development services to families in need. These families live in communities in which medical care and other practical services are extremely difficult to access due to socioeconomic or geographical barriers.
    I will be using the MEDLIFE 50/50 Campaign to help fund my trip. I would really appreciate any donations to help support not only me but the organization as well. 50% of your donation will go directly towards reducing the cost of my participation on the trip, helping me take part in this valuable hands-on experience. The other 50% will go towards supporting MEDLife’s operational budget, follow-up care after I leave, and much more.
    To donate, please visit my campaign page:

  • Jennifer Addison

    Hi i am raising money for alcohol concern in memory of my brother who was only 25 when he passed due to the affects of alcohol its not just an addiction it is an illness that many people suffer in this world today when one person in the family is suffering a whole family suffers your donations can help towards the costs of treatment for illnesses relating to alcohol and also help raise awareness please click the link below to donate a little can go a long way thankyou for your time to read this

  • Cameron

    hello everyone

    i want to study animation but cant because of my situation!
    please take time to read my story
    thank you very much 🙂

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    Good morning, I am raising money for my son’s medical Bill’s. He is battling Stage 4 Renal Cell Carisimona which has also affected his lungs. On September 22nd Bryan’s surgery on his lung for cancer he has been awaiting the post surgery pathology report and the plan of care which could include chemotherapytreatment. Either way the medical bill’s have already began to accrue. He is begin referred to MD Anderson Cancer Center. If you can contribute to Bryan’s growing medical cost Please fund him. Any amount placed in your heart will be Good morning Frank, it was nice to see you yesterday. This is Liz . I told you about my son with cancer.Anything will help. To my family and friends, most of you know that Bryan has been battling stage 4 renal cancer. Well he now needs another surgery. My daughter in law set this up. We will appreciate any help and need prayers. This is the link.

  • Larry Sauls

    We are providing food for over 200 families a week in Vista and also donate to personal individuals in our community that has a heart to feed the homeless but lack the resources to do so. Our desire is to expand this vision further than just our community but some day we will reach yours as well. Partner up with us we need your contributions to help us reach those in need everywhere.

  • Yehudah Weitz

    Hey, I’m running the Miami half marathon in honor of my bff Shua who recently had a relapse of Lymphoma Cancer. He’s never gonna give up fighting, so I’m never gonna give up on reaching my goal!
    Shua is the MVP of Basketball and is going to be MVP at Kicking Cancers Butt Again!!! So I thought of a way to show Shua’s passion is by customizing these limited edition “Run For The MVP #teamshua” little stress basketballs to help me raise money!
    Do you want to receive a LIMITED EDITION BASKETBALL?! Well all you have to do is donate $10 or more!!! Please read my full story, share and please donate. Thank You

  • Deona Johnson

    Hey, I am a candidate for MISS UNCF OF JARVIS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE which is an organization that provides scholarships to African American students and make their dream of attending an HBCU become a reality. The person who raises the most money by December 31, 2016 will be crowded MISS UNCF/JCC and will have the opportunity to represent JCC on the national level. Please visit my gofundme account and donate and share.

  • Sara Sara

    Please this is for a brain cancer treatment, a little share won’t cost anything thank you a lot

  • Miko Sun

    Hi, I am trying to raise donations to help a dog in need, our best friend. Please read her story here.

  • Michael Payte

    Hello, im trying to raise money to be able to send my son to represent the USA in an 18 & under track and field meet in australia….please share his story…#singledadtryinghisbest……..

  • ana pelucarte

    I am a daughter who is worried about her father, My name is Ana Pelucarte and I am rasing money for my Dad because he has prostate cancer and unfortunetly neither him, me or our family can afford the treatments. He is currently living in venezuela and he cannot get the right medicine in his own country. My family and I decided to make this fund to help him. Venezuela, unfortunetly is going through really rough times and its a shame because its such beatiful country. People are dying because of the negligence of its own goverment, they are dying because there is no food, because the water is contaminated ,because they don’t have enough medicine to supply for their own people and if they do, is not the right medicine for them. People, including my father still have hope of living and the only medicine for them to stay alive is to stay positive that one day things will change.

    My Dad is a fire fighter he is been serving the force for more than 30 years and still with his illness he is still activite in his duty, he has helped so many people around the country and they see him as a mentor, as a teacher and as a friend, he has been fighting cancer for three years now and unfortunetly this year he couldnt get his treatment for 3 long months because there was no medicine to be found, the worse the country it gets, less medicine will be found for him and others. I do not think is fair of how they are treating theyre own people, and If I can help my father in any way I will, I am not going to let him die because of this illness that can be treated and can save him.

    the funds are needed as soon as possible in order for me to buy his medicine and send it to venezuela.His next teatment is in 11/27/2016, please help me and my family, he means the world to me and I can’t let my father die this way, he is my best friend and my soul mate and that is something more powerful than anything, but the illness will to take him away if I don’t act quickly.

    I appreciate your donation with all my heart and soul. any amount that you can contribute it will mean a lot to me and my family and I know if you would be in my shoes you would do the same for your father or your loved one.

    Thank you for taking your time and for your donation.

    A. Pelucart

  • Julie Monk Todd

    Hi I’m Logan and I’m 5 years old. In school I am learning about the heart nd how important t is to keep it healthy. I am really excited about this project; because it make me feel like a super hero. I ant to make a difference and help save lives. Will you help me? Thank you

  • Joni Joni
  • Ivan
  • james Sewell

    Hello, thanks for the valuable tips because this is my first fundraiser and on the behalf of finding stability support for my daughters and myself. Life has beat us up but I continue to give to them the best possible way. Im pretty much homeless which is embarrassing to say, always begging for for car lifts just to take them places. At times I feel like I’m punish by life but those two keep my spirit of not giving up. Please visit my profile link, just to get a look at them even if you dont donate. Thanks.

  • Jennychris Stemen

    If you can help me out that wwould be great

  • Julijs Kuskis

    Hello! I made fundraiser about education, here is story and link why it is so important for me–4
    I wish everybody luck!

  • Hasan

    I am asking for your support. The support and donations from you will help us Support Deaf and Disabled people by offering them free services which they themselves may not be able afford these service. We need to keep these services available to them.

    We provide support with:
    Job Support,
    Job Searching,
    Job Applications,
    CV writing,
    Cover Letter Writing,
    Interview Support
    Translation of letters and Documents,
    Phone calls

    Please Donate:

    Thank you

  • Laurie Skinner Lewicki
  • Roula Kais

    am 47 years old from Lebanon working to help my husband who’s abroad to grow up our children to become responsible but unfortunately he lost his job and I can’t be able to hold the huge expenses. Please I am writing to appeal to your kindness and I would like to request your generosity through cash donation just to be able to continue paying the school till the end of this year. The bank account is :
    Thank you in advance for your donation and stay blessed in Jesus name.

  • ItsJustAlyssa

    Hello I am trying to raise money for my brother and his medical bill for his lung. He had a collapsed lung and is currently spending time in the hospital. The doctor said he experienced this due to being tall and skinny which is quite common in the average individual. If you could please help us..your donations will fully go to his treatment and medical expenses. Even the smallest amount will help. Thank you so much.

  • Aaron Aguilar

    Hello My name is Aaron Aguilar my brother Erik Aguilar passed away back in 2004 at the age of 18 years old. Way too young if you ask me. Since then I been donating my time and money into non profit cancer research organizations across the world. My 7 year old daughter and I are fighting in a non profit Jiu Jitsu tournment on January 21st 2017 all the proceeds are donated to cancer research. My daughter and are started up a fundraiser will a goal of $600.00 i believe is easily reachable but i need other peoples help. Here is my link it only takes a minute of your time. Donate $5 $10 $20 anything will help. Please donate and together lets beat CANCER once and for all Please share with others. . God Bless and Happy Holidays.

  • Marian Nacev
  • Mike Jones

    please help my friend,he has always been a kind generous person,but now he needs your help!

  • Desiree

    We are about to lose everything
    Please help us
    For years I’ve done all I can to make sure that my grandmother and my kids have everything they need I let my cousin and my sister move in to help me and they did not help at all when it came down to the bills the way it was agreed to now we are behind on our bills and are about to lose everything please help

  • Fire Forged Recovery

    Hi, we are working to help people end chaos caused by addiction and we would appreciate your help!

  • Junaid Bhutta
  • Junaid Bhutta
  • Alaa Michelson

    Check out my fundraiser please I’d very much appreciate it, I very much need help paying my tuition fee this year, see my fundraiser for more info.


    Hello, I am a Registered Nurse, I have started a non profit organization in reponse to talking with families on a daily bases that are unable to afford private duty sitters. Families that have decided to care for their loved one at home however are experiencing caregiver strain because they are unable to have time to care for themselves. I have talked with familiy members that have cried because they have had to place loved ones in nursing homes and are spending every dime they have to pay for their care. i desire to provide private duty sitters for a atleast 3 hours at no cost to the family so that they can run errands, go to doctors appointments or just have a free relaxation mental break. if anyone has any suggestions on how i can get this information out to people in hopes that people will donate to help families.
    please share my website and all advice is appreciated.

  • Randy Hicks

    On Dec 22nd of last year I was airlifted from the Shelbyville IL hospital to St Johns hospital in Springfield IL.Because the ER Doctor at Shelbyville thought I was having a heart attack.Now I have medical bills and a bill from being airlifted I don’t have the money to pay.Please fund me on Randys medical bills.Cowden IL. Please share my story.

  • Cortney

    Hello my name is cortney. Please help our family for our son
    Any thing will help!!!!!!!

  • Tiffani Arnburg

    Please help we had a terrible house fire we lost everthing including our animals and are struggling

  • kevin

    hello guys.Am a Kenyan young man with a big heart for children living with disability.Especially disability caused by spina bifida.I have managed to put up a centre in my community that look after the children since most of these children are abandoned by their parents.I am currently in the university aand i need held in taking care of the children and also spreading spina bifida awareness in my community.I love little children and I hate to see them suffer.Your donations can help me build a future for the children and give them hope to live a good life.
    Please help me make my drean come true.If you feel charitable enough or you got any questions please write to me on…
    [email protected].
    Best regards kevin

  • Kylë Rëësë

    Hello there ! If you are reading this can you click the link I added below and PLEASE help to save my life.
    I’m really kinda sorry to ask :/

  • Sanae Lambert

    Hi there. Desperately trying to find donations for my hearing aids which cost 5000 dollars. Please donate to this givealittle page 🙂 Anything will be appreciated.

  • Jesus Perez

    Hi Iam raising money for my 4 year daughter Paris for more about my baby girl here’s the link thanks anything will help.

  • Nathaniel Bacchus

    Hi, my name is Nathaniel. I’m a 10th grader at Ogden International high school and I currently have a 3.8 GPA. One of my favorite things is to travel internationally to visit and experience different countries and cultures. Luckily, my school is hosting a trip to Germany, so If you are able and are willing to donate to a students education, please click the link below:

    All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank yo

  • Davehuth

    I just wanted to share my situation in anyway I can. please take a moment to have a look.

  • Daiko

    I want to start my own business to support my family who are in terrible need.

  • Jasmine Monarez

    Hope some one gets to read this story and there heart helps with a simple donation of a sexual assualt this a true story nothing made up I cant imagen how hut this person is pls share and read and help with at list $1 thank you

  • Nino Naal


    I know this sounds strange when I’m talking to you for the first time in this way, and I feel ashamed to do so.
    But I know that there are people who believe in humanity and human rights to live,
    People can speak to their hearts and minds
    I am a simple person who wanted to live in peace in a country that got torn apart in a merciless war.
    Yes, we all have heard about what is happening in Syria.
    I traveled to Malaysia with my friends to presue our dreams, but they were destroyed there.
    I hope you understand what I’m suffering here.
    I hope you can help me in this. Thank you for your time and compassion.

  • Chloe

    Pagham Ponies is a horse and pony sanctuary based in Pagham, West Sussex.

    Nigel currently has 11 ponies and horses. All have been rescued from varying levels of neglect, cruelty or illness.

    With the help of trustees we have applied for charitable status in order to give greater security and support to the animals at the sanctuary.

    In order to apply for charitable status we need to raise £5,000 in order to be given a charity number.

    Pagham ponies hope to meet all the needs of the horses here at present giving them a natural and loving environment.

    Every penny raised will go directly on the animals; on food, sanctuary, veterinary, dentistry and farrier bills. Please help us by donating what you can.Ever little helps. Every one are Pagham Ponies are extremely grateful of every donation that we revcieve.

    Our current donation page is

    and our website is
    Thank you x

  • kilo chambers

    If you love to travel and feel travel is important…please read!
    I am a 15 year old boy in the 10th grade who is trying to take a trip to Costa Rica over the summer. I have been practicing Spanish for 3 years and this trip will be the trip of a lifetime. I come from a family that doesn’t due much traveling partly because our financial income doesn’t allow it. Please help me of share if you will:

  • Jeff Ladd

    I am raising funds to beat disability and homelessness as well as overcoming a stroke and bring awareness to the causes of these issues. Would you like to have your cause noticed? Your company highlighted? Could you consider a gift of $100? Could you share this with your friends/family/coworkers? There are so many ways to make a difference in someone’s life. Be a leader. Donate $100 and we will share your company or cause on all our posts. Can’t give? Share this link to make a difference!

  • Patricia Kolb

    My son raising money to buy an ambulance for tanzania, Africa. Please help

  • Dru Fields

    On January 30th our house caught fire. The fire department came and put it out, but the house was a total loss, and so was everything in it. Our clothes, furniture, everything. We’re in the beginning stages of putting our lives and our home back together. We hardly know where to begin. There’s just so much to go through and see what we need to replace. It’s going to be a long, emotional journey, and we would appreciate any help you can give us to replace our worldly belongings. Anything would help if you can only donate 25 cents or a penny that would be so awesome. Im 18 years old with no place to go. I’ve been picked at and tease cause I’ve worn the same thing cause I have no money or other clothes. Anything would help if you can only donate food or a penny that would be so awesome. It doesn’t have to be just money I need someone to talk to so please help me Email me at [email protected] Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

    Repair cost

    For smoke Damage $3,000

    For kitchen and wall repair $8,000

  • faiz

    need donation for a institute of helpless students

  • Alexandra Filimon

    Hello! I am raising funds for an Art Studio, where art is used as therapy and a way to make children think creatively, and shape our future, making the world a better place.

  • Emil Våhlström

    Please help me and my wife to fight debt, we’ve started a fundraising campaign. I would appreciate if you could help us or

  • Renald Louis

    Hello Everyone I need your support please visit my gofundme campaign and help this good cause. Donating towards her student visa college tuition. Heres the link:

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