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Is your nonprofit content URGENT?

If creating compelling content can help you make the case for giving and hold the attention of supporters, exactly how do you come up with the best stuff for your nonprofit? Creating content for content’s sake won’t do much for your cause and may have a negative effect when done poorly. A lot goes into making and effectively distributing quality content, but ideally your nonprofit content should be URGENT:

Useful: This one should be obvious. As you plan content for your organization, ask, “Will our community find this useful?” Of course, educational content almost always fits the bill, but content can be useful in other ways, too. Information that allows supporters to feel empowered, in the know, or inspired is still incredibly useful.

Relevant: Publish stuff that means something to the people who you want to read it. Get specific and understand the identities you can tap into to make your content command your readers’ attention. Make it relevant to your cause, your community, and what’s happening right now.

Genuine: Any piece of content you produce should be uniquely and unequivocally “you”. Whether you create text-based stories or rich visuals, your supporters should be able to immediately recognize your organization’s voice. To ensure your content is genuine, clearly define your nonprofit’s personality by creating a brief brand guide that includes all of your key visual elements, core values, and your writing style.

Edited: This is an easy way to rise above the messages you’re undoubtedly competing against. Well-edited writing stands out. Make sure every piece of content you produce is edited and reviewed. Yes, check for grammar problems, spelling errors, and typos, but even more importantly, revise your pieces with these key ABCs in mind: authenticity, brevity, and clarity. If you can’t hire a professional editor or proofreader, establish an in-house “buddy system” for reviews. Your colleagues may not be English majors, but a set of fresh eyes will do wonders for your finished product.

Necessary: Each piece of content you create should tie back to your fundraising and marketing strategy. Ask yourself, “What are we trying to accomplish with this?” Whether you’re creating a thank you video or collecting stories to use in your next fundraising appeal, understand the real role your content is meant to play. Use an editorial calendar to map each piece back to a clearly defined goal.

Tested: And Tracked. These two Ts go hand in hand. As you send newsletters, social media updates, and share blog posts, continually test and track which types of content work best with your different audience segments. Use Google Analytics or your website platform’s internal reporting to understand which pages are most popular and how readers navigate your content. Keep an eye on your email reports and social media metrics to further inform your content planning.

Does your organization have a plan to improve its content in the coming year? What is working for you? Chime in and let us know in the comments.

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