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Product Spotlight Demo: Creating Your First Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign 

February 11, 2016

Speaker: Alli Blount

You're a savvy nonprofit fundraiser and you know it's time to run your first peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Join us for a live demonstration on where you can start and what to do to ensure the most success.…

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Nonprofit 911: Peer-to-Peer: How to Turn Donors into Fundraisers 

February 23, 2016

Speaker: Caryn Stein

Learn how to leverage the social nature of giving to add peer-to-peer campaigns to your fundraising mix.…

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Nonprofit 911: Unleash the Power of Your Crowd 

February 9, 2016

Speaker: Allison Fine

Join us for this exclusive session with social media expert, Allison Fine, as she shares a new way of working that makes your supporters known, acknowledged and work to support your organization. This is a simple yet profound concept that will energize your supporters, reduce your workload, and help you to retain donor…

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Nonprofit 911: The 7 Steps to a Stellar Fundraising Plan 

January 26, 2016

Speaker: Heather Yandow

Now is the perfect time to set a plan in place to meet your biggest goals. Join fundraising experts, Caryn Stein and Heather Yandow, for this lively session on why your organization needs a fundraising plan and how to do it in seven easy steps.…

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Nonprofit 911: Social Movements for Good 

February 3, 2016

Speaker: Derrick Feldmann

Learn how nonprofits can take advantage of the social “currency” that make movements go viral.…

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Nonprofit 911: How to Use Infographics to Show Impact 

January 12, 2016

Speaker: Elliot Cowan

See real-world examples to learn how your nonprofit can use infographics to tell stories and motivate donors.…

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Nonprofit911: The Final Countdown: Year-End Fundraising Hotline 

December 15, 2015

Speaker: Caryn Stein

Ready to create your best year-end appeal ever? Get all the help you need, LIVE, from the Network for Good team…

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Nonprofit 911: Turn Year-End Donors into Year-Round Supporters 

December 8, 2015

Speaker: Rachel Muir

Learn how to maintain and upgrade your new donors during this giving season!

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Nonprofit 911: Last-Minute #GivingTuesday Hotline 

November 17, 2015

Speaker: Caryn Stein

Bring your #GivingTuesday questions and challenges to this speed session with our experts.…

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Nonprofit 911: Leveraging Peer-to-Peer for Your Fundraising Campaign 

November 10, 2015

Speaker: Jeff Shuck

Donors are three times more likely to give when asked by a friend. Learn how to launch your peer campaign.…

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