Network for Good Releases Mid-Level Donor Growth Guide

WASHINGTON, DC – Mid-level donors represent a huge fundraising opportunity for small nonprofits, yet many organizations overlook these important funders. Network for Good developed the Mid-level Donor Growth Guide to help nonprofits identify and communicate with middle donors to grow them into bigger, long-term, recurring donors.

“Mid-level donors tend to give a higher percentage of their income to charity and generally have a higher retention rate than lower-level donors,” said Caryn Stein, Vice President of Communications and Content at Network for Good. “Nonprofits who successfully engage this donor segment can increase their overall fundraising and build a reliable donor base.”

The no-cost downloadable guide will help nonprofits learn:

  • Why mid-level donors matter,
  • Who middle donors are and how to identify them,
  • How to grow mid-level donors into long-term supporters; and
  • Tips for creating a middle donor growth campaign.

In addition to valuable tips for creating a plan to nurture mid-level donors, the guide includes a middle-donor segmentation worksheet to help nonprofits put their fundraising plan into action.

The Guide is part of Network for Good’s fundraising resources created specifically for small nonprofits.

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