Network for Good Releases Mid-Level Donor Growth Guide

WASHINGTON, DC – Mid-level donors represent a huge fundraising opportunity for small nonprofits, yet many organizations overlook these important funders. Network for Good developed the Mid-level Donor Growth Guide to help nonprofits identify and communicate with middle donors to grow them into bigger, long-term, recurring donors.

“Mid-level donors tend to give a higher percentage of their income to charity and generally have a higher retention rate than lower-level donors,” said Caryn Stein, Vice President of Communications and Content at Network for Good. “Nonprofits who successfully engage this donor segment can increase their overall fundraising and build a reliable donor base.”

The no-cost downloadable guide will help nonprofits learn:

  • Why mid-level donors matter,
  • Who middle donors are and how to identify them,
  • How to grow mid-level donors into long-term supporters; and
  • Tips for creating a middle donor growth campaign.

In addition to valuable tips for creating a plan to nurture mid-level donors, the guide includes a middle-donor segmentation worksheet to help nonprofits put their fundraising plan into action.

The Guide is part of Network for Good’s fundraising resources created specifically for small nonprofits. The company has also created the Fundraising Readiness Project, a free training program to help nonprofit leaders raise more funds and develop sustainable donor outreach plans. The Project, now in its second year, connects nonprofits with Network for Good’s best-in-class fundraising platform, experts and high-quality data so that they can expand and diversify their organizations’ donor networks.

The Project includes 12 months of online learning and toolkits at no cost to help nonprofit executive directors and boards support fundraising at their organizations.

To learn about future Fundraising Readiness Project Toolkits and participate in the monthly training series, visit



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Network for Good leads the capacity-building movement for small and emerging nonprofit organizations – and the executive directors who lead them. In the last 15 years, Network for Good has helped over 125,000 small nonprofits raise more than $1.5 billion with its combination of smart technology and expert training for fundraising success. Bringing the fundraising software, including donation pages, peer-to-peer campaigns and donor management, with the insight and knowledge of large nonprofits to small and mid-sized organizations, Network for Good makes high-impact fundraising accessible to every organization, regardless of budget.

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