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The Accidental Fundraiser™ Podcast

You are here to create an impact. To make a difference. To change the world.

That’s why we created Accidental Fundraiser™, a show for you – the nonprofit leader, the Chief Everything Officer. Join host Kimberly O’Donnell as she sets out to answer the often unspoken questions rattling around in your mind. Letting you know that no matter what’s ahead, you’re not alone.


About the Podcast

Accidental Fundraiser™ is an original show featuring fundraising expert and leader Kimberly O’Donnell answering the top-of-mind questions keeping you up at night. Through the stories shared by other nonprofit leaders you’ll leave each episode empowered with a “yes, I can” mentality and be ready for anything – including your next big fundraiser.

Latest Episodes

Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Bonus Episode Promotional Image

BONUS: Aligning Your Board Members and the Mission with Bret Heinrich

Bret Heinrich, president and CEO of Wings of Hope, shares how they’ve been able to get their board deeply and actively involved and why paying attention to the little things really goes a long way. You’ll also hear how Wings of Hope is leveraging technology to reach parts of the world too dangerous to enter.

Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Bonus Episode Promotional Image

BONUS: How Walmart Giving’s Grantmaking Lifts Communities Up

Erin Hogue, senior director of strategic initiatives with Walmart Giving, shares how Walmart and Sam’s Club engage their customers, members, and associates to support causes that are meaningful to them and their communities. You’ll learn how they work with public and private sector partners to solve, support, and address societal needs and what executive directors and fundraisers should think about when working with grantmaking organizations like Walmart.

Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Bonus Episode Promotional Image

BONUS: Giving Tuesday 2022: The Data and Stories Behind the Global Day of Giving

GivingTuesday paves a path to more donations and supporters, but it takes creativity and time to get there. In this episode, we’re talking about the success of GivingTuesday 2022 and sharing the trends we’re seeing this year. Listen to Woodrow Rosenbaum, chief data officer of Giving Tuesday, and Pete Karns, senior vice president of Corporate Strategy at Bonterra, share their advice and more.

Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Bonus Episode Promotional Image

BONUS: Fundraisers, Keep This in Mind for 2023

As we approach the end of 2022, we want to dive into the state of the sector with two of our personal fundraising coaches Chany Ockert and Cherian Koshy. In this episode of Accidental Fundraiser we’ll discuss nonprofit trends, what to think about for 2023, and advice for avoiding burnout through the holidays and beyond.

Season 2 Finale Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Promotional Image

Season 2 Finale: Powerful Fundraising Wisdom

Stories foster connection, whether it’s helping someone understand the work that you do or making a very high-level concept concrete for others.

Communicating with a story is powerful, and it works.  This is why we’re so excited to wrap up season 2 of Accidental Fundraiser by sharing mini moments of wisdom from our guests’ stories.

Season 2 Episode 10 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Promotional Image

Season 2 Episode 10: How Storytelling Fueled This Nonprofit to Raise Over a Million Dollars in Six Weeks

As Accidental Fundraisers, we can get bogged down in the day-to-day of our work and lose sight of the incredible impact we’re making. While it might feel selfish, taking care of yourself is critical to your ultimate mission. Mark Davis, Founder and Director of Abundance International, joins the Accidental Fundraiser podcast to share how he stays inspired and energized to do the work in front of him.

Season 2 Episode 9 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Promotional Image

Season 2 Episode 9: Overcoming Rejection: Messages from a Frontline Fundraiser

Frontline fundraisers face a difficult reality of low donation rate, especially when cold calling. How can you increase your success? In this episode of Accidental Fundraiser, Morgan Martell, self-described Zillennial and assistant director of development at Texas Tech University, shares her advice.

Season 2 Episode 8 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Promotional Image

Season 2 Episode 8: How Funder & Community Relationships Propelled This Nonprofit

Break out the pie chart. How much time, energy, and resources do you devote to ensuring your funders and recipients are happy? 20%? Maybe 30%? In her journey to founding South Carolina’s Freedom Readers and serving as executive director, Tracy Bailey has learned it’s a two-way street. In this episode of Accidental Fundraiser, Tracy shares how to use your potential lack of access as a tool for motivation.

Season 2 Episode 7 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Promotional Image

Season 2 Episode 7: Data & Stories: Why This Grantmaker Prioritizes Numbers *AND* Anecdotal Evidence

From getting no’s to a severe lack of feedback, the fundraising process can be frustrating. Who better to give advice than the grantmakers themselves? Donna Waites and Meredith Mathews from the Sisters of Charity Foundation break down all the successful tactics you need to apply for, receive, and deploy funding from grantmakers. Hint: It’s not only about proving your outcomes – stories are also critical!

Season 2 Episode 6 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast Promotional Image

Season 2 Episode 6: Aligning Purpose and Profit

Erin Mulligan Nelson, Bonterra’s CEO,  joined us to talk about the future of fundraising and how nonprofits can align purpose and profit – not choose between them. If you’re properly doing what you set out to do, Erin says your donors will “stay with you, grow with you and advocate for you,” and your nonprofit will thrive.

Season 2 Episode 5 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast

Season 2 Episode 5: How to Inspire Donors with Your “Why”

Christina McGovern, Director of Development & Marketing at the Youth Service Bureau of St. Joseph County, Indiana, was able to increase individual gifts by more than 6x. How? By honing in on the organization’s “why?” and evolving their brand and messaging.

Season 2 Episode 4 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast

Season 2 Episode 4: Back to Roots: How to Launch & Grow a Nonprofit

Despite a troubling childhood, Nahmias started and runs the Zimbabwe Farm Project, soon to be Africa Vertical, a sustainable farming complex in Zimbabwe that employs women from the local community to tend organic crops. She’s overcome countless obstacles and benefited from some fortunate opportunities.

Season 2 Episode 3 Accidental Fundraiser Podcast

Season 2 Episode 3: Pride Gone Global: How This LGBTQ Nonprofit’s Fundraising Surged During the Pandemic

The issues facing the LGBTQ community have improved. Yet, they still encounter uphill battles every day. Elizabeth Schedl, executive director at the Hudson Pride Center in New Jersey, knows this first hand. She joins to share how they’ve expanded their donor base, and streamlined their acquisition and retention strategies.

Giving USA 2021 Report

BONUS: A First Look at Giving USA’s Report

We’ve got a special update for you—a sneak peek from Giving USA’s 2021 report. Each year Giving USA (a public service initiative of The Giving Institute) conducts research on the nonprofit sector in the U.S. The full report will be released on July 12th, but they published a preview featuring some of their top-level findings from last year.

Children's Grief Center of the Greater Lakes Bay Region

Season 2 Episode 2: Mission Clarity & Self-Care: 2 Critical Elements to Nonprofit Success According to this Accidental Fundraiser

The pandemic hit the economy hard. Perhaps none harder than the nonprofit world. Camille Nitschky and the Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region pivoted during the pandemic and increased fundraising by 27% despite the odds. Camille joins Accidental Fundraiser to discuss how her video strategy (and other creative fundraising ideas) led to the Grief Center’s best year yet.

Make Our Schools Safer Podcast Season 2

Season 2 Episode 1: Tragedy to Change: A Mother’s Mission to Make Schools Safer with Lori Alhadeff

Lori Alhadeff joined Accidental Fundraiser to share her journey in founding Make Our Schools Safe and lobbying for change at a national level. Listen to this episode to learn from Lori’s unwavering dedication to her mission. Whether you are a parent or not, her passion for her daughter’s legacy and school safety will strike a chord. And may even inspire action.

Accidental Fundraiser Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Teaser: What’s New With Accidental Fundraiser

Fundraising is hard. Really hard. But in the end, we all know it’s worth it. Because you’ve made your mark. You’ve made a difference. You’ve changed the world one dollar, one campaign, one life at a time. Season 2 of Accidental Fundraiser is here! And it will take your fundraising career to the next level.

Podcast Bonus Episode Alyson Landers

BONUS: Balancing Your Fundraising Goals with Your Board’s Mission

Figuring out what makes people give to a cause is a challenge for every fundraiser. Alyson Landers, Project Manager of Major Gifts for the Hudson River Museum in New York, joined Accidental Fundraiser to discuss her journey to becoming a fundraising professional.

Podcast Episode 13 Bonus

BONUS: Fundraising Through and Post-Covid—What’s Next?

In this episode, Chany Ockert and Janet Cobb join to discuss what it takes to not just survive as a fundraiser, but thrive. Chany and Janet have worked in the nonprofit world for decades, giving them unique perspectives on the current state of fundraising, and what it means to build relationships in a continually changing environment.

Episode Library

Episode 12: From Trenches to Triumph

Fundraising is hard, but in the end, it’s worth it. In this episode of Accidental Fundraiser, we’re celebrating the conclusion of season one by revisiting some of the highlights and pulling out key learnings from our guests. Listen in to hear why experience isn’t everything and why you should stay true to your mission at all costs.

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BONUS: Meta’s Take on Creating Social Impact

Michelle Zelaya, Strategic Partner Manager of Social Impact at Meta, joins us on Accidental Fundraiser to share everything we need to know about how to effectively use Facebook and Instagram for fundraising.

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Episode 10: $1.1 Million Raised 20 Days into the Year

Darius Baxter is the CEO and Co-founder of GOODProjects, an organization that walks alongside families on the path out of poverty. In this episode, Darius shares his journey from raising $3,000 and feeling like it was a million, to now raising over a million just a few weeks into a new year. Listen to the latest episode to learn not only how to reach the people you serve but potential donors as well.

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Episode 9: Galas and Pledge Events and Cookbooks, Oh My!

When an initiative brings in $90,000 for two consecutive years with low overhead and supports the mission – someone’s clearly done their job right. Hannah Hausman, Executive Director for the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, achieved that fundraising trifecta with a pledge challenge. In the latest episode, you’ll hear how Hannah adapts her tactics to the market she’s in and why asking the right question can put everything into perspective.

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Episode 8: Be Fearless, Try New Things, Make Mistakes

By the end of Nycky Miller’s first year at Gospel Rescue Mission as Director of Development, donations had almost tripled. On the latest episode of Accidental Fundraiser she shares her social media strategies and discusses why she doesn’t let mistakes made hold her back. Check out the full episode to learn how to be bold and use your missteps to grow.

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Episode 7: Money Will Follow the Mission with Monkey’s House

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on the ask, but sometimes all you need is to share a story and show some gratitude. That’s the philosophy of Jeff Allen of Monkey’s House, where he’s learned to leverage the power of social media to grow their donor base. Check out this episode of Accidental Fundraiser to hear his tips and tricks for expressing gratitude for every contribution, big or small.

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Episode 6: Raising $750,000 without Fundraising Experience

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Episode 5: Turning $1,000 into $10,000 With a Personal Message

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Episode 4: How to Build a Donor Base from Scratch

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Episode 3: Mastering (and Crisis-Proofing) Long-Distance Fundraising

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Episode 2: How Icing Smiles Built a Network of 12,000 Volunteers

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Episode 1: Growing from 0 to 10,000 Contacts with Massachusetts Review

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Kimberly O’Donnell, CFRE, ACC, Chief Fundraising Officer and Senior Vice President of Professional Services at Network for Good

Kimberly is a seasoned fundraising and nonprofit leader. Having worked as an Executive Director, Chief Philanthropy Officer, fundraising consultant, and advisor to thousands of nonprofits, she has spent 25+ years blending fundraising, marketing, and sales principles to scale dollars raised and strengthen donor and supporter engagement. Kimberly was an adjunct professor for 11 years at Georgetown and George Mason Universities where she taught nonprofit management and leadership. A certified life/executive coach, Kimberly currently leads a team of Personal Fundraising Coaches for Network for Good and can often be found writing and speaking on the future of fundraising.

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