How To Enhance Donor Experience and Exceed Fundraising Goals


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“Because of the superior donor-experience from donation pages, I have 85-year-old men donating online, giving monthly recurring gifts, which is more frequent than they were giving before.”

– Jay Anhorn, Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation’s COO/Director of Development

About the Organization

Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation, the 501(c)(3) arm of the Alpha Chi Rho national fraternity raises funds to provide educational scholarships, grants, and loans to Alpha Chi Rho members and chapters. The fraternity’s membership numbers around 28,000—living alumni plus current undergraduates.


Finding a user-friendly way to track donor data was a priority for Jay Anhorn when he began his job as COO/director of development in 2016 at the Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation. They had an online donation system (Sage) that wasn’t well utilized so they needed to make a switch to one that was easier to use without sacrificing the richness of features.


Anhorn quickly discovered how much the foundation could achieve with their new Network for Good products: donor management system, online donation pages, and personal fundraising coach. Since switching, Anhorn is able to get a quick snapshot of the people he’s reaching out to, including their donor history, communications they’ve received, and their donor segments or groups. “It has revolutionized how we do fundraising thanks to all the powerful yet easy-to-learn features built into it,” Anhorn says.


Fundraising Growth:

Once the Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation rolled out the full Network for Good suite, they began to realize a broader range of successes compared to how they were doing things in the past. They quickly grew their donor base by 41% and increased giving by 25% in just one year. Here are some stats:

  • 2016: Raised $116,000 (pre-DMS)
  • 2017: Raised $150,000 (implemented NFG’s donor management system halfway through the year); funded
    100% from individual donors.
  • 2018 goal: $250,000

Increased Engagement:

Right away, Anhorn jumped into using the email features and saw great results with his first test receiving email open rates of 40%. Looking back, Anhorn describes the decision to make the switch to a new system as “a no-brainer.”

“We’ve definitely increased our giving since we upgraded to using the Network for Good donor management system and the fundraising pages in addition to the coaching and have seen true return on investment (ROI) in less than a year.”

Enhanced Donor Experience:

Donations are coming in quicker, with 90% coming in online. “We have more monthly donors that we have ever had,” Anhorn says. “Because of the easy-to-use donation pages, I have 85-year-old men donating online, giving monthly recurring gifts, and they were not giving that frequently before.

Having the better online donation pages, they are more userfriendly, which has increased online gifts. We have online forms and online ticketing now—new for us and our supporters—which is very easy and very cool.”

“We’ve definitely increased our giving since we switched to Network for Good and have seen the true return on investment (ROI) in less than a year.”

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