How getting started with donor management made all the difference at year-end

How Getting Started With Donor Management Made All the Difference at Year-End

Lift Up the Vulnerable

Founding Year
Year-End Results

“The Network for Good platform is very simple to learn and user-friendly. The onboarding process was easy and straightforward, and it’s great to have everything all in one place.”

– Audrey Moore, Executive Director

About the Organization

Lift Up the Vulnerable’s mission is to lift up the most vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression in warzones.

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Lift Up the Vulnerable, an organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable children and women in Sudan and South Sudan, was in transition. The nonprofit was brand new, having started when another organization closed its doors and rebranded into Lift Up the Vulnerable. This new organization needed a platform to communicate with the old nonprofit’s donors, and they needed to get started quickly. With year-end around the corner, Lift Up the Vulnerable had to act fast to tap into giving season and make use of a $100,000 matching gift from an anonymous donor. 


Lift Up the Vulnerable joined Network for Good in October of 2018. Thanks to the simplicity of our Donor Management System, Lift Up the Vulnerable was able to quickly launch a year-end campaign that featured direct mail, email appeals, and recurring donor asks. 


Incredible Fundraising Results

Although year-end giving was in full swing when Lift Up the Vulnerable started using Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising platform, the organization pulled off an amazing year-end fundraising campaign. By the end of the year, fewer than three months after getting started, Lift Up the Vulnerable had raised an incredible $293,000 for its mission using Network for Good. 

Seamless Set-Up

Network for Good’s donor management platform includes free data import and migration, meaning Lift Up the Vulnerable didn’t have to spend any time on putting their old contact list into their new system. Instead, the organization was able to focus on creating powerful donor communications and year-end appeals. When Lift Up the Vulnerable’s 9,000 contacts were imported into their new platform, they were ready to start sending emails, direct mail, and more.

Testing New Methods

Network for Good’s fundraising software offers more than just email and direct mail communications. Lift Up the Vulnerable recently used our SMS tool to communicate with donors on their mobile devices. Because Lift Up the Vulnerable’s fundraising insights are available in a simple dashboard, the organization can see what works, what doesn’t, and can adjust on the fly as needed.

Every donation helps Lift Up the Vulnerable provide educating, housing, and support to 1,600 women and children in Sudan and South Sudan. Simple, intuitive donor management lets Lift Up the Vulnerable focus on its critical mission – creating generational change in those regions.

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