How Switching From Salesforce Took Fundraising to New Heights

How Switching From Salesforce Took Fundraising to New Heights

Achieve Tahoe

Founding Year
Raised From One Campaign

What stood out about Network for Good’s Donor Management System was the ease of use. It works for our organization where we don’t have a whole staff devoted to maintaining and keeping that system up to speed – you can learn it very quickly. 

– Haakon Lang-Ree, Executive Director

About the Organization

Since 1967, Achieve Tahoe has been building health, confidence and independence in people with disabilities through winter and summer sports instruction. By engaging participants in healthy activity and encouraging exploration of new capabilities, Achieve Tahoe creates opportunities for achievement in sports that carry through to other areas in life. 


Haakon Lang-Ree, Executive Director of Achieve Tahoe, had been trying for years to get Salesforce to work for his organization. Even a task as simple as running a campaign report felt like it required an in-house programmer to pull off. Fed up with the waste of staff time, the inability to easily track and measure his fundraising performance, and the frustration of using a clunky, complicated system, Haakon knew it was time for Achieve Tahoe to make the switch to Network for Good.  

The onboarding process at Network for Good was amazing. The Network for Good team was very accessible – I called them pretty frequently to ask for help or to bounce ideas off them, and they were really great to work with.” 


Achieve Tahoe joined Network for Good. Within a matter of weeks, the organization’s 25,000 contacts were imported into the donor management system, the staff had been trained to use their new reporting features, and Achieve Tahoe’s first campaign was kicking off.


Peer-to-Peer Made Easy

Peer-to-peer campaigns really work for Achieve Tahoe. The organization has a strong base of supporters whose lives have been touched by its amazing mission and who are motivated to act on Achieve Tahoe’s behalf. Thanks to the built-in peer-to-peer functionality of Network for Good’s donor management software, Achieve Tahoe is able to run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns easier than ever before.

Fundraising Insights

The staff at Achieve Tahoe are organized fundraisers, and love that they can track the results of their yearly peer-to-peer campaigns in a simple dashboard. It’s easy to tell how new donors came to their organization, which makes donor acknowledgment and stewardship a snap. And since they’re able to see how their campaigns are performing in real-time, it’s easy to make tweaks and set goals to improve their fundraising results over time. Last year, the organization raised over $235,000 from just one peer-to-peer campaign using Network for Good!

More Time

Haakon and his staff put the time they saved by switching to Network for Good’s donor management system back into their mission. With more time to spend changing lives instead of struggling with donor management, Achieve Tahoe is looking forward to the future.

Achieve Tahoe made its best decision ever when it switched from Salesforce. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you exceed your fundraising goals, contact us.




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