Mittens for Detroit

How a staff of one maximizes her time with Network for Good software

Part-Time Staff
Gloves Distributed
4 years
Network for Good Customer

“Network for Good’s software helps me manage the many roles of my job very easily.”

Wendy Shepherd
Executive Director

About the Organization

  • One part-time staff member
  • $125,000 annual operating budget
  • Network for Good customer since 2013
  • Uses Network for Good’s donor management system and donation pages


Mittens for Detroit’s purpose is to collect, purchase, and distribute new, unused mittens and gloves to children and adults in need in Detroit. Actress Erin Cummings founded the nonprofit in 2010 and it has grown steadily in the past six years. In their first year they collected 10,000 gloves and in 2015 they collected over 62,000. Wendy Shepherd serves as the organization’s only staff member and works part-time to make sure the organization fulfills their mission.


THE PROBLEM: Like many young nonprofits, Mittens for Detroit had a fiscal sponsor and collected donations through their sponsor’s giving page. But, they were unable to collect donor information which made it difficult to form relationships with their donors and to understand who their supporters were.

“…how can we build our donor base if we don’t have the donor’s information?”


Wendy asked other nonprofit staff what donation platform they would recommend and they pointed her to Network for Good. After setting up a branded donation page for Mittens for Detroit, Wendy instantly saw an improvement, especially with the amount of time she spends managing donations:

“Using Network for Good is like having an invisible staff member who is working for me, helping me with fundraising, because I don’t always have the time.”

As their donor base grew, so did their need for a donor management system to help them track all their donors.


Wendy found that the first systems she tried were too complicated and didn’t fit her needs. They had too many features and weren’t easy to navigate. When she learned about Network for Good’s donor management software, she made the switch to take advantage of a system that is specifically built for small nonprofits.

“I need automated, user-friendly software and if I have a question, I want to be able to talk to someone and get it answered. Network for Good’s customer service and easy-to-use products are so helpful and allow us to grow.”


Wendy discovered that Network for Good’s right-sized software makes it incredibly easy to manage donors. She has all the functionality and control she needs, and can easily navigate to the records and information she uses to communicate with donors and raise more money.

“Network for Good listens to what their customers need, the products are always being updated, and it’s GREAT.”


Mittens for Detroit often partners with businesses that encourage their employees to give to local charities. Wendy uses the designation feature on the Network for Good donation page, to capture the company name and track gifts from employees of their partners. This information flows seamlessly into Network for Good’s donor management system, along with the donor and gift information, which means Wendy can easily pull a report tracking which donors came from which company so she can report back to the business on the impact their employees have made.

”Whether it’s talking to patrons and encouraging more donations (and more frequent donations!), keeping information up to date between departments, or getting good data to the board, Network for Good software helps me to be able to do many of my jobs very easily.”


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