Renaissance Social Services, Inc.

How a Small Shop Raised 10x More with Software and a Fundraising Coach

$4 Million
Annual Revenue
Development Staff
Households Served in 2016

“I went back to the board, and my boss, to show that the cost of a Network for Good subscription is a great investment and it’s really helping us do what we need to do to raise more money.”

Shailushi Ritchie
Director of Development

About the Organization

Founded: 1997


Mission: Help at-risk individuals and families find stable housing


Network for Good customer since 2016


Success: Raised 10x more with Network for Good


Renaissance Social Services, Inc. (RSSI) is a Chicago-based nonprofit that helps at-risk members of the community find safe and secure housing and get the services they need to live with health, dignity, and stability. Funded primarily through grants and government contracts, RSSI hired Shailushi Ritchie as Director of Development and Communications in mid-2016 to grow their individual and corporate gifts program.


When Shailushi joined RSSI, she noticed that their fundraising tools were very piecemeal. The donor database integrated with the accounting software, but had no other functionality. Event ticketing was done through PayPal, which required manual data entry into the donor database. RSSI used MailChimp for email marketing, but linking email stats with the donor database required manually importing the data. This a-la-carte system lacked integration, led to extra work, increased risk of error, and most important, held RSSI back from reaching their individual giving goals.

Shailushi searched for a system that would integrate their fundraising operations to make things simpler, more accurate, and way more efficient for RSSI’s small fundraising team.


According to Shailushi, Network for Good’s software and fundraising coach are exactly what RSSI needed. Built specifically for small shops, the integrated tools and fundraising coach have enabled RSSI to grow their individual giving. Shailushi considered Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce for donor management, but found that they were too complex for the needs of her small nonprofit. They couldn’t be used “straight out of the box,” and required a large amount of customization and setup time. Those extra features added a layer of complexity that was beyond what a small nonprofit like RSSI needs to get the job done.

Network for Good’s donor management comes with email functionality that automatically tracks email opens and clicks. For RSSI, that means no more uploading lists to and from MailChimp.

“We are loving the integration of the donor management system. We abandoned MailChimp and are using the email marketing tool within donor management for all donor communication now.”


RSSI became a Network for Good customer in 2016. In November, they tested their first campaign:

“This was our first time ever doing a coordinated campaign like this and we raised $4,500, which was more than double our goal. It was really encouraging to see those results. And this fundraising success was also great because I went back to the board, and my boss, to show that the cost of a Network for Good subscription is a great investment and it’s really helping us do what we need to do to raise more money.”


After the success of their November campaign, RSSI started crafting a year-end campaign. Using the built in year-end engagement stream, RSSI was able to quickly put together a campaign using the templates, checklists, and timelines that are built into the donor management system:

“I remember logging into the donor management system one day and there were all these checklists and templates for my year-end campaign right there in the system. All the tasks I needed to complete to get the year-end campaign completed were right there. That was a lifesaver for us. It might have taken me two weeks to draft an email, edit it and create it in the system but with the template there, I could turn around a donor email in two days. It really did help us raise so much more at year-end. It was critical to success.”

By December 31, RSSI had raised $25,000 with Network for Good’s tools. Which was a ten times more than what they raised in the 12 months of 2015!

We can’t wait to see what they accomplish this year!

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