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How to save time with modern donor management software

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“Everything has been easier since we switched to Network for Good’s donor management software.”

Shelia Wells
Development & Communications Director for Wide Angle Youth Media

About the Organization


Baltimore-based Wide Angle Youth Media empowers city youth to break through cultural, social, and economic divides through media arts education. With free community workshops, intensive mentoring programs, and internships that connect youth with real production clients, their mission is to foster a new generation of storytellers whose perspectives inspire empathy, influence important conversation, and create an equitable society. Sheila Wells, Wide Angle’s Development and Communications Director, is one of four full-time staff members and works in communications and fundraising.


Wide Angle Youth Media is a busy collaborative organization on the go— they needed a flexible tool that allowed for more than one person to enter information and manage donors. The software they previously used was too hard to use, not easy to navigate and not built for multiple users.

“Our old donor software wasn’t mobile friendly:  we’re a Mac-based office, always on the go. We had a PC in the corner that said ‘do not touch’ and that was our donor database.”


Sheila was already a fan of Network for Good’s customer service and learned about the donor management software as they evaluated several other vendors. Wide Angle Youth Media saves time and stays up to date with modern software. Once they saw the intuitive interface and simple design, they were sold.

“We looked at other software systems but they were often unwilling to work within the constraints of our data needs. We needed a partner who would guide us through it all.”


With sixteen years’ worth of donor data, Sheila knew the change could be difficult. She soon discovered the benefit of choosing software backed by a caring team of support specialists.

“Network for Good’s customer service and technical support made the migration of our existing database a breeze. Our questions were answered promptly and thoughtfully, and continue to be.”


Donor management tasks can pile up quickly for smaller nonprofits. Easy-to-use software makes it possible for fundraisers to stay on track so they can spend more time on their missions.

“I am excited to do my job more efficiently! Adding new donors and donations is as easy (maybe easier!) than adding a contact on my phone.”

Plus, the ability for Wide Angle Youth Media’s staff to easily work on-the-go with multiple computers through multiple accounts is essential. Sheila adds that having her online donations seamlessly flow from her Network for Good donation page into the donor management system is a huge time-saver.


The goal for Wide Angle Youth Media is for staff to work as a team to make sure their data stays clean, correct, and current. As a result, they can analyze giving trends and build out a development plan for the coming year using the donor data reports as a guide. Sheila says that she can now keep a better eye on donor relationships to focus her time on reaching out to lapsed donations and increasing individual donor giving.

“Everything has been easier since we switched to Network for Good’s donor management software. Finding and correcting duplicates and keeping our households up-to-date has been an ongoing project for years and addressing this on the new database is so much easier!”

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