Fundraising Software

Network for Good has a comprehensive suite of fundraising software and web services to power online donations on your website, product, or application. Our donation solutions enable your users to donate to more than 1.2 million charities (as listed in the Guidestar database) via the Network for Good donor-advised fund and giving platform. You customize the donation experience, connect to our secure web service, and we take care of the rest: processing via credit card or PayPal, the customizable donor tax receipt, the payment to the charities, and knowledgeable customer service. Set-up, licensing, and transaction fees apply.

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Donation Processing Web Services

  • Credit Card Donation Processing: The Credit Card Donation Processing web service is a SOAP-based web service to process donation payments via American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.  Users can make one-time or recurring credit-card-funded donations to one or more charities in a single transaction from US and International addresses. In addition, users can save their credit card information for later use or to set up automated recurring gifts. You will have access to real-time reporting to be displayed on your website.

  • PayPal Donation Processing: The PayPal Processing API is a SOAP-based web service designed to process PayPal donations made on websites operated by NFG’s partners. This service helps NFG’s partners focus on their website objectives without worrying about the complexities related to integrating directly with PayPal and donation disbursements.

  • Disbursement (Batch) Donation Processing: The Batch Donation Processing solution allows partners to submit a group of funded donations to be disbursed across multiple charities.  Batch donations may be submitted via a SOAP-based web service or via secure file transfer of an encrypted data file. Batch donation processing services allow NFG’s partners to focus on their website or program objectives without worrying about the complexities related to donation disbursements.

Technical Integration Guides

Stored Value

The Stored Value API leverages Network for Good’s existing Good Card® (charity gift card) technology and our Credit Card Donation Processing web service. Partners can create and manage their own charity gift card programs to allow users to 1) purchase a donation and store the value to allocate at a later time or gift the value to another user; or 2) redeem pre-paid donations funded by a third-party.

Stored Value Technical Integration Guide

Charity Search Databases

Network for Good does not have its own charity database, so partners looking to incorporate a charity search option must access or license a database from a third party. There are a number of options, but most partners use either GuideStar or the IRS master file. We are happy to recommend the appropriate software solution for your online fundraising.

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