Expand Your Fundraising Strategy

Take your fundraising to the next level.

Already nailed the basics? We’ll show you how to optimize your messages and add new fundraising techniques to your development plan.


Get Specific

Move beyond your general appeal and create project-based campaigns to attract more donors.

Expand your reach with peer-to-peer fundraising:

Plan Your Campaign

Identify a specific program you'd like to fund and answer the key questions to frame your strategy.

Get organized with our free campaign template 
Recruit Your Fundraisers

Turn your donors into fundraisers and expand your reach beyond your current list.

See how our peer-to-peer fundraising platform makes it easy to rally supporters 
Engage Your Board

Make it easy for your board to fundraise and meet their financial commitment.

Use our checklist to leverage your most influential advocates 

Build Donor-Centric Campaigns

Don't treat all donors the same. Send relevant messages to each group at the right time.

Here's how to do it:

Segment Your Donors

Reach the right donors at the right time with unique lists based on donation history, relationships, and more.

Send the best message for each donor, every time 
Tailor Your Messages

Different donors have different reasons for supporting your cause. Make sure your appeals are relevant.

How to make the case for giving 
Work Smarter

Build stronger donor relationships and easily track donation trends.

Our donor management system takes the guesswork out of your data. 

Optimize Your Online Presence

Are your donation pages raising as much as they could? Test and optimize your giving experience to raise more.

Get the most from your nonprofit's online channels:

Be Mobile-Friendly

Your mission is mobile, so supporters need to be able to donate via smartphones and tablets.

Ensure your donors can give anytime, anywhere 
Convert More Donors

Streamline your giving process by focusing on the right options and design.

Download our guide to the ultimate donation page 
Customize Your Ask

Research shows that a donors give higher average gift on pages that reflect your nonprofit's brand.

Get more from your donation page 

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