Get Started with Online Fundraising

Ready to attract more individual donors?

We’ll show you how to get started with a nonprofit marketing plan and the right fundraising software.


Create Your Fundraising Plan

You need a clear plan to guide your efforts and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Key questions to answer:

What are your goals?

What do you want to accomplish? Achieve success with a defined fundraising plan.

Organize your development strategy with our template 
How will you reach donors?

A marketing plan will help you organize your communications and reach the right audience.

Outline your plan with our step-by-step guide 
What is your core message?

The right fundraising appeal can make your campaigns. We'll show you what inspires donors to give.

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Build Your Online Presence

Whether donors give online or offline, they are learning more about you on the web.

Make sure your website and online donation experience convey your impact:

Optimize Your Website

Your website should clearly tell donors who you are and why your mission matters. Turn your site into a fundraising machine.

Download the free guide 
Get an Effective Donation Page

A donation page that reflects your story will convert more donors. Creating a better giving experience is easy to do.

Check out our branded donation pages 
Grow Your Social Reach

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you create a conversation with your supporters and help people find you through search.

Try our collection of social content ideas 

Tie It All Together

Now it’s time to combine your marketing plan with the right tools to launch your fundraising campaigns.

Master these basics:

Organize Your Data

Go beyond spreadsheets. You need a better way to share, sort, and report on donor data.

Learn why having the right database matters 
Keep the Communication Going

Reach out to your donors regularly with updates on the work they’ve made possible.

Learn how reporting your impact will help you retain donors 
Tap into Your Supporters

Build your list by asking existing supporters to help you spread the word.

Turn your donors into fundraisers—and grow your base 

Get the software and guidance you need to build your individual giving program—all under one roof.

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