The only fundraising software that guarantees your nonprofit's success.

Make 2023 your best fundraising year!

We guarantee you'll
raise more in your first
year or your money back.

Terms and conditions apply

Your nonprofit's
success guaranteed.

We guarantee you'll
raise more in your first
year or your money back.

Terms and conditions apply

Network for Good Software Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed Success

We provide the tools, your hard work yields success.

At Network for Good, we know that fundraising can be challenging. It takes consistent hard work, commitment, and dedication. While our software won’t fundraise for you, it makes fundraising more accessible, helping you adopt proven fundraising strategies that will result in more donations for your cause.

“Prior fiscal year 2019, our fundraising was somewhere around $80,000 for the year. Since we started working with Network for Good in fiscal year ’20, we actually ended the year more than double what we had in fiscal year 19.”

– Lynn Tayler, Marketing Manager at Seton Center

Our Promise to You

We guarantee success if your organization works to effectively utilize the tools offered in our software. Don’t see success? We’ll provide a refund.

If your organization’s total number of individual donations in the first 12 months with Network for Good does not meet or exceed your prior 12 months of individual donations plus the annual fee, we will refund you the difference. Maximum refunds are based on subscription price and cannot exceed $5,400. Fees associated with Personal Fundraising Coaches are not included in the refunded portion of the agreement.

Refund Eligibility

To be eligible for the refund under the circumstances outlined above, your organization must complete and document the activities in the allotted timeframes as outlined on pages two and three of this document. In order to verify your organization’s previous 12 months of donation history, you must import all individual giving data within your first 30 days of signing up. We will use the data stored in your Network for Good donor management system to calculate your individual donation total prior to starting as well as the total amount raised in your first 12 months. Additionally, please complete and submit the attached Claim Form certifying that the activities were completed. The release of the refund is subject to Network for Good’s verification of the information required by the claim form.

Your time and commitment are essential to your organization’s success in fundraising. In addition to the required activities on pages two and three, below are some recommended best practices to set you up for success.

  • Attend 1:1 meeting(s) with your assigned Welcome Team member to complete software setup steps
  • Check out the Network for Good website for blog posts, e-Guides, case studies, webinars, and other resources to help maximize your time on the platform
  • Train multiple employees and/or volunteers to use the Network for Good software
  • Log in daily to track your fundraising progress
  • Dedicate at least 7-10 hours per week to fundraising

Performance Guarantee Requirements & Claim Form

Individual Donation Amounts *See Appendix for details on what qualifies

Prior 12 Months Individual Donations (12 Months Prior to Purchase Date) imported into the DMS _________________________
New Individual Donations (From Purchase Date to One Year Anniversary) _________________________

Sign Agreement

Performance Guarantee Appendix

Submitting a Claim

  • When can a claim be filed?
    • A claim can only be filed within 30 days of your first term renewal period
    • Claims must be submitted to the Success team for assessment and approval via this form
  • Can a claim be filed during the renewal period?
    • Yes, a claim can be filed during the renewal process
    • If you are eligible for a refund and decide to renew, the refund will be processed as a credit toward your secondyear subscription cost

*Fundraising Appeals

  • What qualifies as a fundraising appeal? o Appeals need to have a main theme of a donation request
    • Appeals should contain a specific call to action to donate and information on how to donate.
    • Appeals can be sent via Email or Direct Mail and should be sent out at least once per quarter
    • Appeals sent through email must have a link to your NFG donation page
  • What does not qualify as a fundraising appeal?
    • Appeals are not buttons added to newsletters, event announcements/invite
    • Appeals are not allowed to be sent via a different service or outside payment system. For example: Constant Contact

**Acknowledgments / Thank You Messages

  • What qualifies as an Acknowledgement/Thank You Message
    • Acknowledgements/Thank you messages must contain a main theme of thanking the donor and must be sent once per quarter
  • What does not qualify as an acknowledgement/ Thank You Message?
    • Acknowledgements/Thank you messages must not include a call to action with a donation request

***Data Import Data uploaded within 30 days

  • What qualifies?
    • Data uploaded must include all individual donations from 12 months prior to subscription term with Network for Good Or
    • 15 contacts with email addresses and 15 contacts with mailing addresses entered into the system

****Individual Donation Amounts

  • What type of donations count as “Individual Giving”?
    • An individual donation is a donation made via an individual donor, including donations made outside of Network for Good
    • Any single record of a donation is classified as an individual donation
    • Fair Market value does not impact the donation amount, and therefore does not need to be included
  • What type of donations do not count as “Individual Giving”?
    • Individual donations do not include any gift or money received via a grant or matching fund
    • Donations from prior year events if those events were cancelled in your initial subscription year

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