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[eGuide] Nonprofit Storytelling Mini-Guide

Tell stories that inspire, entertain, and motivate.

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[eGuide] Social Media for Nonprofits

The fastest-growing phenomenon of the modern age.

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[NFG Masterclass Webinar] Thanking Your Donors: How to use Technology to Show Gratitude

Speaker: Alyssa Wright

Join Network for Good and special guest, Alyssa Wright, for a webinar about an important piece of the donor

[eGuide] How to Motivate and Inspire Donors

Discover seven reasons why donors give—and one big reason why they don’t. Plus, tips to inspire donors and how

How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

By: Linda Lombardi

Sometimes the trickiest part of telling your nonprofit's story is simply getting the order right. Subplots and tangents have

How a Donor Management System Organizes Small Nonprofits

By: Liz Ragland

THE PROBLEM Like many rural nonprofits, Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF) steered most of its limited resources directly into its mission.

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