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Seven Thank Yous That Delight Donors

Year-end is over! Now what? First, take a deep breath and give yourself a few moments of calm. Second, start showing those donors some love with a thank you.

A basic thank you letter is a perfectly acceptable way to show a donor some gratitude. But if you want to go above and beyond and add some creative flair to wow your donors, go for it!

To help get the creative juices flowing, I collected some favorite thank yous that I’ve personally received and some submissions that our nonprofit friends have sent us. All of these thank yous share a few things in common that you should apply to your messages of gratitude:

  1. There is just one (or one primary) message: THANK YOU.
  2. Receipt information is not included. Read why Lynne Wester, one of our favorite donor relations experts, says you should never combine a receipt with a thank you.
  3. There is no second solicitation.

Kudos to all fundraisers who shared their thank yous!

Written Thank Yous


Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS)

After donating to this organization’s #GivingTuesday campaign, this email landed in my inbox the very next day. I love that CASS made this thank you very donor-centric.

Software for Charity Thank You Notes
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Bonus: I received this handwritten postcard from the CASS team in the mail this week:

Thank You Note Software for Nonprofits

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Honor Flight Capital Region

After the April Honor Flight visit, donors received this thank you letter that recapped the day’s events along with a keepsake photo of the veterans who visited the National World War II Memorial.

Charity Thank You Notes
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Charity Thank You Software
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Gardens for Health International

Gardens for Health asked some of its constituent communities to take photos with customized thank you signs. In a world where mass communication is the most cost-effective route, personalization at this level is often unexpected.

Charity Thank You Note Software Charity Software

Here2There Ministries

Here2There Ministries sends its donors paper currency from a country in which the organization worked. Quite the souvenir!

Software for Charity Thank You Note

HealthFinders Collaborative

Showing the people who are most affected by a gift hits a home run in the donor’s heart. HFC donors received a thank you in the mail with a special message from 14 of the nonprofit’s clients.

Charity Thank You Notes Software



Grassroot Soccer

Grassroot Soccer put together a great Valentine’s Day thank you video featuring handmade valentines, soccer tricks, and a fantastic musical performance from the Grassroot Soccer community.

Save the Frogs

Save the Frogs produced a short and low-key holiday thank you video featuring the organization’s founder surrounded by the sounds and sights of Congaree National Park in South Carolina.

If you have a favorite donor thank you message (one that you wrote or received), share why it made you smile in the comments section.

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