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10 Tips to Leveraging LinkedIn for Good

At LinkedIn, our mission is simple: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Then we create economic opportunities for those professionals. And with over 95 million members, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people from all over the world.

As a nonprofit professional, you and your organization should be leveraging the connective power of LinkedIn as well to promote your career and your cause. The two main reasons your cause should be on LinkedIn? Connections and Knowledge.

With the connections you make on LinkedIn, you can expand your network and build your brand. LinkedIn is also a great place to find and share information and resources.

Here are 10 tips for nonprofits on how to make the most of LinkedIn.

1. Enhance your professional brand to expand your network. With your profile, you control your brand and what you want people to know. But make sure your profile is 100% completed. It’s 40 times more likely a completed profile will show up in search than if it’s only 90%.

2. Tap your connections. Build up your network and take advantage of it. Organize your contacts with tags such as board members, volunteers, or potential donors. Look at who your connections know and who you could reach out to.

3. Create your organization’s profile and rally your supporters. Look at your organization’s profile page. Make sure the overview is up to date. You should also update your product and services tab with services your organization provides and then your supporters can recommend those services.

4. Broadcast your message through your status updates. Share articles and best practices. Looking for employees? Ask for referrals in your status. Use it to promote recent news about your cause. It can even be tied directly to your Twitter account so tweets are broadcast to your LinkedIn profile as well.

5. Engage through polls. Polls are a great way to get people involved. Create a poll, and send it out to your network. Encourage your network to share with people they know on LinkedIn. You will also get instant analytics.

6. Find the perfect board member, major donor or volunteer. By using our advanced search, you can narrow down your results through criteria such as keywords, location, or industry. This will allow you to find more relevant candidates. Searches can be saved and new people will be added automatically.

7. Join groups to gain knowledge and influence.  Join industry groups that relate not only to your cause, but also groups such as professional fundraisers. You can use these groups to seek volunteers or board members. You can also use it for internal communications. If you are in a group with somebody, you can send that person a message even if you aren’t connected with them.

8. Use LinkedIn Board Connect to find high quality professionals to join your board. This tool helps nonprofit leaders find professionals with the right skills, experience and social capital to help them be successful.

9. Connect with experts. Update the skills section of your profile to include your talents and skills. Then learn about top people with that skill.

10. Make sense of the noise: LinkedInToday. LinkedIn Today is a free service that can filter all information leaving only what would be meaningful to you. Follow industries or topics or filter by your network, location, or most popular to find the information that is most relevant to you.

For more resources on using LinkedIn for your nonprofit, you can access the full recording of this webinar here:


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