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3 Fundraising Myths Debunked

3 Fundraising Myths Debunked

Myths are inspiring stories of gods and goddesses. They can also be widely held, but false, beliefs or ideas. But they’re compelling because they’ve been passed along as fact by so many people for so long. Some have even made their way into the world of nonprofit fundraising and run the risk of putting off even seasoned fundraisers from sending out the communications needed to keep up with their goals. It’s time to put them to rest.

Perhaps you’ve heard some of these myths. Ready to debunk them? Here we go!

Myth #1: Donors will find my nonprofit on their own

Although many myths originate from a grain of truth, this one is entirely false. Your organization is a high priority for your supporters, but they have their own responsibilities to contend with—work, family, friends, etc. Even the most engaged, in-the-know advocate appreciates an occasional reminder of top priorities and your case for support.

Beyond awareness, make it easy for your supporters to give.

  • Feature your Donate Now button prominently on your homepage.
  • Link directly to your online giving page in your email blasts.
  • Include a remit envelope in your direct mail appeals.
  • Use mobile tablets at events so donors can make donations on site.
  • Make sure all your donation pages are mobile friendly.

Myth #2: It’s Impolite to Ask the Same Donor for Multiple Donations

This myth does contain a grain of truth. Asking a donor for money every time you contact them can make the individual feel used and unappreciated. But donors want to be updated on the projects or programs they’ve contributed to, and they want to know how the work you’re accomplishing together is going.

The key is to balance financial solicitations with other types of communication—project updates, thank yous, volunteer opportunities, events, and organizational news.

Myth #3: I Can’t Afford to Invest in Technology

It’s true that many technology tools aren’t free. But small nonprofits can access technology that will dramatically increase their organization’s effectiveness. Look for tools specifically designed for small and mid-sized nonprofits that will simplify many manual tasks, freeing you and your team up to focus on more valuable work. A good donor management system levels the playing field for small nonprofits so they can enjoy the same benefits as larger nonprofits.

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