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3 Quick Tips to Improve Donor Retention

You’ve put so much work into getting new donors, so how do you make sure they turn into lifetime supporters?

1. Make sure you’re thanking your donors properly.

When you receive a gift, how do you acknowledge the donor? Whether you’re sending an email, a personalized note, or picking up the phone to call them, make sure your message is meaningful (much more than a receipt). Your message should be personal, creative, and focused on the donor and their impact. Show how their gift is contributing to the mission.

2. Keep the conversation going.

Of course you need to thank first-time donors as soon as possible, but don’t let the conversation end there. Invite them to events, call them to say thank you, and send them occasional emails or letters about how donors like them are making a difference for the cause. Use a variety of communication mediums and messages and keep track of your individual conversations in your donor management system.

3.Track your progress.

If you don’t track your efforts, there’s no way to know if your strategy is making a difference. Keep tabs on your new donors and see what percent are making a second gift (and how quickly), and compare this year-over-year. Review your donor data every two weeks to see how things are going and how you could better segment your donors for more meaningful communications.

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    Sir I doesn’t have CREDIT CARD and very poor man struggling for poverty.


    PS: I am only trained Med Lab Tech and agreed to solve all independently. I
    tried my best at Foreign Assistance Gov and now need your humble
    recommendation. Also I researched new innovative solutions which
    gives ” EQUAL FINANCE SHARING ” for all poverty around the world
    and here Round Table Conference a must. An example: Sir Edison
    invented BULBS and today whole world with BULBS. Just imagine it!

    ” Firstly Saluting All The Allied Flags “.


    Here my ” GENUINE DEMANDS ” in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.


    Present temporary Address: ( Will be here till end June or July 2017 ).
    Terry Pious Pereira ( S/o War Veteran ),

    Door No. 438,

    442-Nanjundapuram Main Road,

    Coimbatore, Pin Code-641045,
    Tamil Nadu, India.

    Original e-mail: [email protected] / Mob No: 00918489988124.
    Please no calling because of deafness and all communication done by me.


    The Director ( DONOR ), USA.

    Sub: For Freely Supporting The Poverty People Fund Program-me which

    helps promote independent living. Also seeking for job into your organ-

    ization as World Free Fund Director or Manager because of my best

    selected criteria ” SIX POINTS ” is highly valuable around the world.


    Most Respected Sir,

    A very good email ( 6 Sentences ) [email protected].

    1) Why you are contacting them ?
    For Freely Supporting The Poverty People Fund Program-me which
    helps promote independent living. Majority of the poverty are unskilled
    laborers and unable to stand independently on their own feet. Instead of

    providing for them jobs and opening large Canteens are of baseless
    calculations. On account I am providing for them with my best selected
    criteria mentioned in Para 3 which will never bring sufferings.into the

    circle. Also I researched new innovative solutions which gives ” EQUAL

    FINANCE SHARING ” for all poverty around the world and here Round

    Table Conference a must in ” The Giving Pledge ” or Federal Gov, USA.

    2) Who you are?
    I am S/o War Veteran and became deaf at the age of 17 after Tonsil
    Operation. My childhood dreams was to become a Doctor which
    scattered. Now I promise to give you my highest appreciation in doing
    the generosity in South India or plus the whole world if necessary. My

    late father served for the British Indian Army and faced the most horrific

    Second World War in Malaysia against the Japanese Army in history.
    He always admires the Britishers and Americans then survived without
    ” Monthly Pension ” and expired on 15/3/1994 as bravest hero in Kerala
    State, South India.

    3) What your cause is?
    Actually this is good for providing each family Rs25,00,000 ( Rupees
    Twenty-five Lakhs ) as Fixed Deposit for fifty years non refundable

    especially to every females aging 18 and separately for their mothers.

    Those females married at the age of eight onward are granted the same.

    They all will live happily with the Monthly Interest from The Central Bank

    of India. After death transferring to next female kin and such agreement

    should have to deliver to The CBI. Thereon they won’t face any problems

    on food and yearly The CBI Interest will be increasing. Providing free

    housings for 500 families on ordinary 25 Stroey new building and Police

    Station in additional half on the Ground Floor and the other for Super-.

    Market. In each Flat with small hall, 3 small bedrooms, dinning hall, one

    kitchen and two small bathrooms. Free for Medical ( Local and Abroad ),

    Foreign Education and Cochlear Implantation for all hearing impaired.

    For all males jobs compulsorily adjusted which is marked in my brain.

    4) What you want?
    Please kindly give me very strong CASH CAPITAL as ” Fixed Deposit ”

    for fifty years non refundable into The Swiss Bank in Switzerland or to

    The SNB ( The Swiss National Bank ) in Trivandrum, Kerala State, South

    India. All through the ” Monthly Interest ” I agreed to do the generosity in

    South India or plus the whole world if necessary. Otherwise you may

    kindly send me ” Bank Check ” and I will deposit here and beside never
    born as money mongering animal. Here very important notification:

    Those having Swiss Bank Accounts or whichever were offered complete

    freedom to do anything around the world.

    5) Why they should help you?

    I heard US Governments and Private Organizations giving away ” Billions

    of Dollars ” to certain groups all over the world for doing the generosity
    and most commonly inside USA. As a S/o War Veteran I am requesting
    for my ” GENUINE DEMANDS ” with proofs.

    6) What the next step is?

    My first step is to go for my Cochlear Implantation after getting your

    money then continuing with the above mentioned criteria. Now I am

    sending you the paste copies of my father’s SEPOY CERTIFICATE and

    his Service Promotion Certificate issued from Malaysia together with

    my Indian Passport, Audio-grams Test plus new photo.

    Looking forward to your humble response

    Thanking you very much.

    Yours obediently,
    Terry Pious Pereira.


    Audiogram 25-Jul-2016 23-36-24.pdf​

    Terry 17-Aug-2016 22-33-13.pdf​


    Copy of —-.jpg​

    Passport TP 09-Aug-2016 17-41-03.pdf​


  • Hi, Connie…. thanks for giving helpful stuff.Currently working for you can visit us.Thanks

  • nessa jones

    Thank you I have been bum with lots of new and exciting ideas and the thoughts of prospering it out into a business ethic will proceed into further notice. I do enjoy doing the things that I do for a few great reasons to succeed.
    Thank You for All your Help
    Lots of Appreciation towards the Community…

  • Sangeeta Gurung

    Thank you Community for rendering help for the needy.
    Much appreciated

  • Cynthia Hill-Frazier

    Greetings, I am a newly non profit organization design to support families of children with childhood cancer for Washington/Baltimore area. I look forward to networking with you all and learn/share information to better serve our mission.

  • Chris Baker

    Please help us… We are at our wits end and can’t get a leg up in our situation plz.

  • Denise Goodson

    How do I bring life to our board of directors?

  • Richard Hope

    Awesome ideas, love it. Really try to get successful myself. Udemy is an awesome to build courses. This one is about Mindset, Knowledge and Success. This really improves donor retention

    • R Chitra

      Respected Sir,
      I don’t know fluently in English. But my aim is helps to people. So please if you want to help with our NGO you contact me on our mail Id: [email protected] and our cell 9843158249.

  • Beverly Young

    Love it great advice

  • Do what, now?

    Awesome! Donor retention is what it’s all about, you know?! 🙂

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