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3 Quick Tips to Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

Nonprofits can benefit from many types of donations, gifts, and support from their community—particularly in the new year. Whether in the form of cash donations, in-kind offerings,

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or even by volunteering for a favored cause, there are numerous ways to encourage supporters to show their commitment to your cause long after the holiday giving season ends.

Here are three quick tips to maximize your fundraising efforts:

1. Send reminders and shout outs via social media.

Find out more about your donors and their online social engagement. Are they active on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? If you don’t have an online social media presence, then get registered and see if your supporters are talking about you in the social space. Thank them for their support, and be sure to like and retweet their comments. You can also respond to them with updates about how they can continue to further your cause through donations, online auctions, volunteering, or simply spreading the word.

2. Get the community involved with activities and festivities.

Think of ways you can bring people out of their homes to fundraise together for your mission, such as the well-known charity fun run. Those who don’t want to run or are physically unable can assist with planning, registration, and logistics. You can also have “virtual runners” who still collect donations but don’t physically run in the race. If running isn’t of interest to your supporters, other popular options include bake sales, community meals, and concerts. Encourage your supporters to have a fundraising goal, and make sure they reach out to their friends and family in person and online to lobby for donations.

3. Get rid of extra or unwanted holiday gifts.

Many people get overwhelmed with how to handle items they received as gifts that they don’t need, want, or like. Encourage your donors to make good use of this dilemma by selling these excess items to support your cause. One option is a community garage sale, particularly during town markets and fairs. People can sell items at a winter market, just make sure they promote to buyers that the funds will benefit your cause. Another option is to sell items online as part of a nonprofit auction. The eBay Giving Works program allows eBay sellers to donate a portion of their salesand buyers to shop for a cause—all while supporting their favorite charities. eBay users can also save your cause as their favorite charity, so that they always have the option to donate to you when buying and selling. (Want to learn more? Register at at

Whether it’s by spreading the word online, participating in a community activity, or selling items online, there are many options for your supporters. By trying these three tips, you’ll be sure to increase engagement and support in no time.

Sara Orrick is the Nonprofit Engagement Manager for eBay Giving Works. Since its inception in 2003, eBay Giving Works has been the driving force behind nonprofit fundraising on eBay. Through this charity platform, people can shop, sell, and donate to causes they care about. To date, eBay Giving Works has raised over $350 million for over 30,000 nonprofits. This free fundraising platform is a no-brainer for nonprofits who are looking for fresh, fun, and free ways to attract their online community. @HelloSaraO

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