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3 Steps to a Powerful, All-Organization Team of Messengers [Part One]

I recently completed an all-new message platform
for the largest human services organization in Massachusetts. The platform included a tagline, positioning statement, talking points or key messages at
organization and program level, and elevator conversation.

This agency is renowned for high-quality service delivery, but even many of the folks who know it best—referring health care providers, current clients and
their families—think it provides a far narrower range of services in fewer locations than it currently does.

This kind of disconnect is an organizational nightmare—especially when the agency has done so much to shape its network of services, approaches, and
locations in response to community needs. Ugh!

So I was thrilled when the communications director asked me to work with her and her colleagues to create a brand, including messages, that more accurately
reflects the agency today and links to what’s most important to its key supporters, partners, and clients.

The new brand (brand promise plus message and graphic identity) is now complete, and the website built on that brand will soon launch. Now I’ve guided the
communications director to tackle the most powerful strategy of all: Asking, training, and supporting her colleagues, clients, and volunteers to be
effective messengers.

Your organization can also benefit hugely by pioneering an all-org message team. Here’s why that’s so important.

Your problem: Well-meaning but incorrect or confusing messages deter the actions you want.

You’re the solo marketer or fundraiser in your organization, or that’s just part of your job, or you’re one of a team of five or even 10. No
matter your situation, your marketing’s reach is limited to the conversations you have and the multiple communication channels you put to work.

Unfortunately, because you’ve never asked your colleagues, partners, clients, or other supporters to spread the word about your organization’s work and
impact—or trained them how to do so—they are likely producing an unintended yet damaging consequence in the course of their daily work or conversations.

Their conversations with your target audiences—the people whose help you need to move your mission forward—probably feature conflicting descriptions of
your organization’s focus and impact; inconsistent use of the tagline you rely on to stir interest, inquiries, and action; dead silences; and pure
misinformation shared simply because they aren’t aware they could do better for your organization or don’t know how to.

Your solution: A coordinated team of confident messengers.

Imagine this: Your colleagues, leadership, clients, partners, and others are effective messengers. Their comfort in delivering your organization’s message
platform (as talking points, not a robotic script) builds momentum and sparks connections.

Because your team of messengers interacts in the course of their daily work with people you’d never get to talk to—whether as program staff delivering
services, the donation services team taking calls during your fund drive, or board members discussing their board work with colleagues at their own place
of employment—your organization benefits from consistent outreach to an extended circle of contacts. It’s an exponential gain in building momentum and
sparking connection.

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