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3 Ways to Create Board Members Who Love Fundraising

Does your board take an active role in fundraising for your nonprofit?

If you said no, you’re not alone.  Many small nonprofits struggle with how to engage their boards in fundraising.

The truth is that your board members would love to do more to support your mission, but they don’t know where to start or how to best contribute. Or, they may not fully understand the expectations.

1.Help them see the impact. Show your board members the impact their financial contribution will have and how that fits into your overall fundraising strategy. Make sure you have your fundraising plan in place, and back it up with your donor data.

2. Give them a roadmap. First, clarify your organization’s board commitment policy. Then, be sure you provide them with some basic fundraising materials. It’s likely your board members need some guidance. Practical information might seem like old news to you, but it might be just what your board members need to leave their fears behind and get excited about fundraising.

3. Make it achievable. A simple way to make fundraising feel more do-able for your board is with a peer-to-peer campaign. This is when your board members create personal online fundraising pages and ask their contacts to help them reach their personal goal. This type of campaign is especially great for board members because it takes very little time and is easy to share on social media. You could even make it a fun competition to see which board member can raise the most money within a set time frame.

Designed specifically for small nonprofits, Network for Good’s peer-to-peer software makes it easy to create a board fundraising campaign. Your board members can spend just a few minutes setting up their personal fundraising page, then share it with their networks. It’s easy, effective—and a perfect opportunity for them to make an impact without taking too much time out of their schedules.

Getting board members to jump into fundraising can be a challenge, but it’s important to your success as the year-end giving season approaches.To talk more about what you can do to motivate your board members and jump-start your fundraising, contact one of our fundraising sales consultants today. We’ll show you how with the right tools, plan, and team you could raise 45% more than you did this time last year.

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