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3 Ways to Efficiently Fundraise with Donor Management

3 Ways to Efficiently Fundraise with Donor Management

Improving your fundraising efficiency all comes back to donor management. All the inspiration and motivation you arouse in your donors means nothing if you don’t have the proper tools to track their engagement, record their donations, thank them for their support—and contact them again. The right donor management system won’t magically produce donations. It will, however, make you a more efficient, more effective fundraiser.

Small nonprofits need systems that intuitively understand the jobs you need to accomplish. An all-in-one donor management system (DMS) allows you to track your donors’ activity with your organization, send appeals and acknowledgments, and launch campaigns with branded, designed donation pages. The benefits of an integrated system will ripple through your organization. Incorporating a DMS into your fundraising work gives you the capability to do more of the quality work you’re known for in your community. And that’s a benefit your donors will feel, too.

1) At-a-Glance Reporting

You don’t have time for complicated reporting. In order to successfully manage your day-to-day jobs, you need to be able to track and analyze your donor activity. What campaigns are on course to meet goal? How are you doing compared to last year’s performance? With your busy day, you need a dashboard designed to keep the most important fundraising and marketing info close at hand.

  • View a breakdown of your year-to-date donation totals and the total percentage of gifts associated with each designation.
  • Visualize which of your programs are doing great and which might benefit from more attention.
  • Review recent activity performed by administrators and donors.
  • Quickly see active and lapsed donors, and check what communications they’ve received.
  • View campaign results, including total raised, percent to goal, number of gifts, and how much time remains in the campaign.
  • Use filters to pull reports and share this information with colleagues or board members.

2) Easy-to-Execute Campaigns

Your primary job as a fundraiser is to solicit and steward donors for your organization. The success of any campaign or event depends on its presentation. Is it engaging? Is it attractive? Is it shareable? Branded, designed campaigns attract and retain donors. Create an online giving experience that is easy to use for both you and your donors.

  • Simplified giving process for your donors.
  • Automated thank yous and receipts instantly acknowledge gifts.
  • Mobile compatibility ensures campaigns look the same across devices.
  • Customizable pages featuring logos, colors, and images/video.

3) Personalized Communications

Relevant, personal contact throughout the year—not just when you’re soliciting—turns first-time donors into lifelong donors, increases mid-level donor involvement, and cultivates major donors. To achieve that caliber of engagement you need the right tools and technology.

An integrated system that can track all of your donor information and let you easily communicate with supporters ensures you’re always sending the right message at the right time to the right people.

  • Designed communication templates for attractive announcements and updates.
  • Personalization and segmentation capability for all messages.
  • Capture meaningful information about donor motivation, interests, and engagement with custom fields.

Isn’t it time to work smarter, not harder? Using a donor management system simplifies your day-to-day tasks. Technology and automation help you engage quicker and easier with your donors and prospects, and offer transparent information about the success of your campaigns. All of which boosts donor confidence in your nonprofit. Ready to learn more? Download our eguide, “How to Evaluate a Donor Management System in 3 Easy Steps.” 

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