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4 Ideas for Expanding Your Email Horizons

Our friends at the Emma Blog, have pulled together a few of their favorite ideas into a field guide to email adventure. Some are side routes to explore, others are full-on, pack-a-lot-of-granola expeditions. Either way, you’ll find all kinds of ways to expand your email horizons.

Launch a Welcome Note

Someone says hi to you. How lovely. Now wait three weeks and say hi back.

Wait, that’s no good.

But you’re committing the email equivalent of that faux pas if you’re not greeting new subscribers with a welcome message. It’s a great way to build on someone’s initial interest, right when they’re interested. An Experian study shows welcome autoresponders boast a 14% click-through rate compared to the 4% industry average. Best of all, it happens automatically with Emma’s trigger email feature.

If you’ve never set up a triggered welcome email, why not make it your summer goal to launch one? Craft new content with new subscribers in mind, or just add a special greeting to the top of your latest newsletter.

Explore Surveys 

There’s a wide world of customer insight out there, and you’ve got an easy way to uncover it with Emma’s survey feature. Surveys are free in your Emma account, which is nice, and their results show you priceless feedback to improve pretty much anything, including events, products, customer satisfaction and your latest email newsletter.

Of course, the real adventure begins when you learn what your customers think. Or when you decide to steal the Declaration of Independence. (Use of Nicolas Cage voice is optional there.)

Discover Your Inactive Members

Legendary outdoorsman Teddy Roosevelt spoke of three uncharted frontiers: our galaxy, the ocean depths and your email database.

Which is our historically dubious way of suggesting it’s time to discover who’s not looking at your emails. Inactive subscribers are an important segment with all kinds of opportunity. Craft a special offer for them, and they’ll remember why they first signed up for your list. Send your next campaign with a daring subject line, and get their attention again. Or dare to remove them altogether, and you may save money.

Dare to Redesign Your Newsletter

Your industry, your goals and your customers’ needs have evolved over the last few years. Has your email newsletter kept up? If not, it may be time to embark on a redesign.

A redesigned newsletter engages readers who may have become accustomed to the same look week after week. But more importantly, the process of thinking through your new design helps you consider what your readers want and improves the overall strategy of your content. In other words, your email won’t just look better; it’ll also be better.

Keep it simple by changing your font selections or image styles. Choose a new layout or work with one of our designers for a fresh template. Or reinvent it from the ground up. Just don’t go all Gaga on us and insist your email be paraded around in a egg pod. It’s an open rate, people, not a hatch rate.

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