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4 Reasons to Create Great Nonprofit Content

When we talk about “content,” we’re talking about fundraising materials, blog posts, videos, social media updates, even your annual report. Compelling stories and interesting images are key components, but have you thought about how content as a whole benefits your nonprofit? Here are four ways that content shows the impact of your organization and connects donors to your cause.

4 Reasons to Create Great Nonprofit Content 1. Content answers the questions of curious strangers.

Stories and videos are a great way to introduce your organization to people who aren’t familiar with it. They offer a creative way to explain and show what your nonprofit does, how it helps others, and how it began.


2. Content highlights the achievements of both your nonprofit and its constituents.

You’re not just talking about your organization or beneficiaries. You’re also talking about people who fundraise for you, participate in your events, and donate to your mission. People like recognition and respond positively to it. When you thank supporters by name on Facebook or put them in a video, they love that—and often will share it with their friends, who in turn may become donors and volunteers.


3. Content builds trust and allows you to show and share the proof of your impact.

However you fund your mission and choose your beneficiaries, give visual proof of where your donors’ money goes. Plot your achievements on a map, for example, or post a video of the house your group built for a homeless vet. Here’s a surprisingly effective twist: Show a moment of failure and share what you learned from it and how your organization made improvements going forward.


4. Content connects your readers to actual people who are impacted by your mission.

Remember to focus on an individual rather than a group or general population. Follow that individual over time to show and share his or her progress and experience with your nonprofit. This might not even be a beneficiary: Donors, volunteers in the field, and advocates for your organization are all potential sources for great stories.


Adapted from Network for Good’s Nonprofit 911 webinar “How to Use Content to Boost Donations” with Taylor Corrado from HubSpot. Download the full webinar here.

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