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4 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Press Releases Social Media Friendly

Social media is a key part of any online strategy, especially since traditional news organizations are turning to it to get information. Learn how to make your nonprofit press releases social media friendly so that you can bypass traditional news organizations to spread the word.

1. Link to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Instead of linking to only your home page in the about section of your press release, include links to your social media profiles. This will show your audience that you’re technologically savvy-your organization knows how to use the most popular technology available-and help you gain new followers and fans.

2. Twitterize your headline.

It’s now acceptable to put a Twitter handle in a press release’s headline. Doing so will connect donors and other stakeholders to your nonprofit and your key personnel. Just remember that any Twitter handle you promote should tweet on the press release’s topic the day it goes out. Be sure to also use any hasthtags you mention.

3. Keep your headline short and catchy.

Use Twitter’s 140 character limit to avoid superfluous words and keep your headline extra pithy. Your headline shouldn’t tell the whole story of your press release-that’s what your subheadline and body text are for-just entice your audience to start reading.

4. Engage with your audience to create a meaningful dialogue.

Just like Peter Panepento recommended, you shouldn’t just repost your press releases to your Facebook page. Instead, divvy up the relevant information across all of your various accounts.

Social media helps you connect with your community and opens the door to being a personable and knowledgeable organization that others will feel encouraged to be a part of. Social media can be a great tool to help your press releases gain attention, and including social media in your press releases can drive traffic to your organization.

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