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4 ways of knowing when it’s time to let go

Are you chasing an idea, donor or initiative with great determination? Fantastic – unless it’s time to abandon the hunt.

This past weekend, I was reading a piece by Tony Schwartz that shared four questions to ask yourself when you’re wondering whether your persistence is wise. It was especially important for me to read his thoughts, because I definitely err toward fanatic determination. I don’t like declaring things impossible, and I prefer to exhaust every option before giving up. But the older I get, the more I realize there are times that it’s best to let go and redirect. And I increasingly embrace the wisdom of saying no – or “no more” – because when I do, I find I never regret it. So I thought I’d pass on his four questions, which I intend to ask myself more often.

1. Do I have a feeling in my gut that this dog just won’t hunt?
2. How important will this seem to me in six months?
3. How important will this seem to me in two years?
4. Is there a more enjoyable and more productive way I could be investing my time and energy right now?

Great questions, right? As Schwartz says, if the answers to 1 and 4 are “yes,” and the answers to 2 and 3 are “not much,” then it’s time to let go.

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