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4 ways to make your message better

There are four things that can make your message better: Connecting with an audience based on their values (C), rewarding (R) your audience for being engaged, asking for a specific action to get that reward (A), and using the right messenger (M). Remember this with the mnemonic device, CRAM. CRAM in these steps and you’ll get better results.

1. Connect to things your audience cares about: a shared, underlying value set, making a difference, feeling good about themselves, feeling powerful, etc.

2. Identify and offer a compelling reward for taking action. Remember, good rewards are immediate, personal, credible and reflective of audience values. If I take action, what wonderful thing will happen? What will change for someone or something?

3. Have a clear call to action. Good actions are specific, feasible and filmable (in other words, easy to visualize doing). They should also measurably advance our mission.

4. Use the right messenger. Which may not be you. Do you have passionate champions? Devoted volunteers? Dedicated donors? Inspiring beneficiaries? Make them the messengers and your connection, reward and action will be all the stronger.

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