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5 Image Mistakes Your Nonprofit May Be Making…and How You Can Fix Them!

You probably already know that images are a great way to get your audience’s attention.

But are the images you’re choosing really showcasing the important work your nonprofit is doing every day?

Images can help you connect with your donors, members, and volunteers and make your mission come alive.

To help you create and share images that have high impact, here are five image mistakes you might be making and advice on how to fix them:

1. Choosing the wrong stock photos

When possible, make sure to use photos that show real people doing real work for your organization.

This could include photos of volunteers at a recent event, or behind-the-scenes snapshots of your staff at your office.

When you don’t have original photos available, stock photos can provide the backup you need. Just make sure you’re choosing photos that look authentic and accurately represent your organization.


2. Forgetting about mobile But before you hit send on your email, make sure you’re previewing it on your phone or tablet! With 65 percent of all email first opened on a mobile device, you need to make sure you’re looking good on mobile.Once you choose the right image, you probably can’t wait to share it with your audience. One of the most direct ways you can reach people is in their inbox.

You might need to resize your image so it fits in well on a small screen. We suggest using a single column template to save your readers the trouble of zooming in or out to view your image.

3. You’re not adding text to your images

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. To help your readers focus on the words that are most important to you, why not add them to your image?

You can use a free tool like PicMonkey to edit images online and add text in a matter of minutes. Putting in a little extra effort can go a long way in making your image stand out and connecting it with powerful ideas.

If you’re a Constant Contact customer, you can also use our built-in image editor Aviary to add text to images right within our email editor.

This is not something that you need to do to every single image. Just choose one or two of your favorites to start with. You can add a powerful quote or add your logo or a hashtag to tie an image back to your organization and campaign.

4. You’re not getting the most from your images

Images can help humanize your organization across a number of different channels.

Don’t limit your image’s potential by only posting it on one channel.

If you’re using Instagram for example, you can easily share your photo across your different social networks — like Facebook

Call to actionand Twitter. You can also use images in your email marketing to help your next newsletter stand out in your supporter’s inbox.5. You’re not following up with a call to action

Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention with a captivating image, makes sure you’re building on their interest by telling them what they can do to get involved.

Your call to action could be something small like to visit your website or something bigger like encouraging people to make a donation.

Fixing these 5 image mistakes means you’ll be ready to engage your audience, make them feel invested in your organization, and inspire them to support your cause.

With the right image you can make a meaningful impression on your audience and you’ll be fresh in their minds when you need them most.


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