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5 Ways to Use Online Tools for Nonprofit Event Management

5 Ways to Use Online Tools for Nonprofit Event Management

Nonprofit event management includes planning, scheduling, coordinating, recruiting, and especially promoting. It can be a lot to deal with, but by making the most of your online fundraising tools, you can make it much more manageable. Here are five things you need to do, including details on how to tie in your Facebook fundraising with your other social media.

  1. Plan a “launch.” Set the date for your event, then determine when you want to send out the announcements/invitations. Traditionally, the launch date would be the day you mail out invitations and email announcements. Schedule reminder emails between your launch date and the event, and get them written and set up to be automatically delivered so you don’t have to worry about them during the busy days leading up to your event. Your social media campaign and other outreach should be designed and set up to launch concurrently (or scheduled strategically).
  2. Current donors will receive email announcements, but to make sure you don’t miss potential new donors, put the full event information on your website. Include the event in any community calendars that you publish to as well, and if possible, include a link directly to the event info on your site.
  3. Before the invitations go out, set up a registration page that integrates social sharing, using a tool such as Network for Good’s easy-to-use fundraising pages that allow you to quickly set up and sell tickets and accept online donations. Be sure to use one that lets you put your branding on the page so donors know they are in the right place.
  4. Promote the event on your Facebook page, but be sure to also set up a Facebook event page. This lets you post updates about the event that won’t get lost in a bunch of other posts and lets your supporters help generate “buzz” by commenting on event updates that you post. If this is a repeat affair, use pictures from last year’s event. Remember, Facebook images are small, so use photos that capture the moment and focus on an individual or small group, avoid shots that are too broad to identify in the Facebook feed.
  5. Tweet about it. Write your Twitter messages so that they are ready to retweet and your followers are much more likely to send them to their own followers. Since tweets have to be so short, it can be tempting to avoid saying something your followers already know, but be sure to include what their friends need to know about your event.

These five actions will get you off to a great start using online fundraising tools to make nonprofit event management easier and help you reach more potential donors.

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