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6 Ways to Get Your Board Fundraising…NOW!

Have you ever had a board member make this fundraising suggestion? “Just ask Oprah!” Sure. I’ve got her on speed dial, right?

Seriously, the number one complaint I hear from organizations is that their board members aren’t fundraising. How do you fix it? Here are six ways to get them on board with fundraising (pun intended). The best part? None of them include making an ask!

  1. Make their own gifts.

Hello! The first thing your board members should be doing is making their own gifts. Why? Because you can’t invite anyone else to give if you haven’t done it yourself. The amount board members give should be significant to them based on their capacity. Wealthier board members can and should give more, but everyone should make a gift that is meaningful to them.

  1. Call donors to thank them.

Do your board members think their calls don’t make a difference? Share these statistics: In a recent study, donors receiving a thank you call from a board member within 24 hours of making their gifts gave 39% more. Fourteen months later, those same donors were giving 42% more than donors who didn’t get the call. Plus, they had a 70% retention rate.

Before your board gets on the phone, set them up for success! Give them sample thank you statements, background on the donor, details on their gift, and sample discovery questions they can ask to learn more about them.

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  1. Name your organization in their will.

I ask this question a lot and I’m always surprised at how rarely board members are encouraged to name an organization in their wills or estates. Not only is this a golden opportunity for them to give, but it also opens the door for them to tell other donors and prospects about the gift they made!

  1. Invite 10 of their key contacts on a private tour of the organization.

Imagine the size and scope of your board members’ networks. From professional contacts to vendors and fellow parents from their kids’ schools, the opportunities are endless! Challenge them to identify one or two individuals from each circle who would be interested in learning more about your organization.

  1. Assign them a few donors to cultivate.

Donor cultivation is key, AND it sets up the next ask. Board members can regularly contact the donors to update them on how their gift is making a difference. I recommend assigning no more than three donors to each board member because it’s a realistic number for them to handle at a time.

  1. Write an article for your newsletter or blog on why your organization is important to them.

There’s nothing like a testimonial to inspire people to give. Especially when that testimonial is from someone like them.

Want more tips on how to make your board the best it can be? Sign up for our upcoming virtual conference to hear tips from Rachel and 4 other fundraising experts.

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