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8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Whether you’ve prepared all year for December fundraising or are playing catch up, there are still opportunities to make simple changes to help raise more money for your cause this year.

Use this quick checklist to improve your odds of making the most out of this season of giving:

1. Simplify your nonprofit home page to offer one call to action: Donate. Try these five critical keys to create a clear and compelling call to action.

2. Make your donate buttons large, colorful, and easy to find. Get more online donations with these best practices for donation button placement and design.

3. Send donors straight to your donation page from your appeals, links, and donate buttons. Then, make sure they land on a well-designed donation page that is easy to use, evokes your campaign, and keeps donors in the moment of giving.

4. Include your donation link in your Facebook, Twitter, and other social profiles. Learn how to leverage social media for your online fundraising efforts in our free Social Media Guide.

5. Encourage recurring gifts. Make it easy for donors to automatically give each month with these three strategies for increasing recurring donations.

6. Test your online donation process and fix problems before sending your appeal. Try these tests to improve your nonprofit website and donation process.

7. Include third-party ratings or testimonials on your donation page. Find out how to encourage positive reviews and learn why social proof is a powerful fundraising tool.

8. Create a “Why Donate” page that makes a case for why someone should care. Write a message that appeals to donors’ emotions, shows where the money goes, and makes them want to give more.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on December 3, 2012 and has been updated.


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