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Activate your Community for #GivingTuesday

Nonprofits are always looking for strategies to help amplify their reach. With GivingTuesday three weeks away (Tuesday, November 28), now is the time of year to broaden your reach and maximize year-end donor generosity. One of the biggest strategies Network for Good likes to suggest is to activate your community.

What is also important to note is that Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have teamed up again to offer $2M in matching donations this #GivingTuesday. Now more than ever, you need to activate your community!

By activating your community and tapping into your network the magic can begin to happens. Even if you are a small and mighty nonprofit that is used to doing things on your own, let’s agree to do it differently this year. Here are our tips:

Identify your team and activate your online ambassadors. This can be done by engaging your key thought leaders—and loudest voices—among these five key groups:

  1. Staff
  2. Board
  3. Clients, participants, or alumni
  4. Volunteers
  5. Committed donors and supporters who can serve as ambassadors

Key individuals from each of these groups will form the heart of your #GivingTuesday team—and will largely determine your success. Be specific and prescriptive with your asks. Tell them to create a peer-to-peer campaign. Give them “snackables” to copy and paste directly in their social network feeds with links to your donation page. Be consistent with your organizations message, imagery, and impacts.

These supporters will share your content on #GivingTuesday and help your nonprofit reach a bigger audience. And the leg work you do for Tuesday, November 28 will prime your supporters for year-end.

If you need help getting this type of strategy off the ground, Network for Good would love to offer you the tech, tools, and team to help you activate your community.

Contact us today to get that conversation started and learn about our Personal Fundraising Coach Service Grant offer (aka free help!): [email protected] | (888) 284-7978

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