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Iris Sutcliffe

The ABCs of Donor Prospecting 

March 27, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

Virtually every nonprofit has high-capacity donors hiding in plain sight. A whopping 40% of donors in a recent study admitted they could give more than they currently are. Our job as fundraisers is to identify those prospects so we can start moving them up to greater levels of giving. Here’s how to start making that… Read More

Millennials as Your Secret Weapon 

March 23, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

Nonprofits are finding new ways to tap the most vocal supporters outside their core networks to become active supporters of their causes. These supporters, or peer influencers, could be even more important than your brand. While young people may be inclined to “like” or share your existing information, you must res… Read More

5 Ways to Use Email to Drive Participation at Your Next Fundraiser 

March 17, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

Running a successful fundraising event is easier said than done. You put in weeks of planning with the ultimate goal of getting as many people as involved as possible, and you want to make sure your hard work pays off. One of the most important tools you have to promote your next fundraising event is… Read More

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program 

March 4, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

When you’re investing your nonprofit’s limited resources in donor acquisition and marketing, it’s crucial to find ways to maximize that investment. The secret is to build value over time with your monthly giving program. You want to get new donors in the door, but it’s even more important to get them to stick a… Read More

5 Crowdfunding Lessons You Can Put Into Action Right Now 

February 25, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

Want to test the crowdfunding waters? Instead of jumping in head first with, say, your big end-of-year annual appeal, try applying this quick and easy crowdfunding checklist to a targeted campaign. 1. Set a single goal. Rally donors around a single goal that’s relevant to your organization. Let’s use the example of… Read More

5 Ways to Make a Great First Impression on New Email Subscribers 

February 17, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

We all know relationships don’t happen overnight. Busy nonprofits have to work hard to nurture and retain relationships with their supporters, donors, and volunteers to ensure the success of their organization and to further their cause. Long-lasting relationships start with a great first impression. One of the easie… Read More

Quick-Start Guide to Data Success for Nonprofits 

January 26, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

All organizations generate a lot of data. The challenge is knowing what to do with it—and what it can do for you. From gathering to reporting, this quick primer will help you get started transforming raw data into insights that will help your nonprofit be more strategic. Nonprofit data fits into four general categori… Read More

4 Reasons to Create Great Nonprofit Content 

December 19, 2014

By: Iris Sutcliffe

When we talk about “content,” we’re talking about fundraising materials, blog posts, videos, social media updates, even your annual report. Compelling stories and interesting images are key components, but have you thought about how content as a whole benefits your nonprofit? Here are four ways that c… Read More

3 Breakthroughs to Great Nonprofit Storytelling 

December 19, 2014

By: Iris Sutcliffe

Did you meet your year-end fundraising goal? And are you telling your nonprofit’s stories to current and potential donors? If you answered yes to the first question, we bet you also said yes to the second. Storytelling is a super-effective way to connect people with your cause and raise more money for your organi… Read More

The 5-Way Win of Strong Nonprofit Branding 

December 18, 2014

By: Iris Sutcliffe

If you think brands are just for big-ticket organizations like the Red Cross, United Way and The Humane Society of the United States; or you’re open to the idea, but don’t really get what branding might do for your nonprofit and haven’t pushed to learn more; or you simply don’t want to fight Cit… Read More

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