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Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits: Science and Fundraising 

July 8, 2013

Authors Katya Andresen, Alia McKee Scott, and Mark Rovner build on the behavioral economics framework previously examined in "Homer Simpson for Nonprofits" to include other applicable scientific frames of thought including cultural cognition and psychology.…

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On sprinting and passing the baton 

May 23, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Many, many years ago I ran the 4 X 400 relay on my track team. I was no star, but I loved the race. It’s a long, tough sprint that leaves you completely spent yet strangely exhilarated. The coach used to tell me to leave nothing behind on the track. The trick at the end… Read More

Help your corporate partners be brainiac cause marketers 

May 16, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

image via the Sparkologist As I’ve often written on this blog, human beings are inherently empathetic. Our brains are hardwired to relate to other people’s experiences. When we witness or imagine someone acting, our neurons fire the same way they would if we were undertaking the same action. That’s why your heart… Read More

Free marketing brainpower for your nonprofit 

May 15, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Update: I corrected the links to the webinar, and they should be working now. Some folks had trouble accessing them earlier due to a coding error on my part. Did you know that you could have fantastic pro bono marketing experts helping your organization? No? Then you should attend the next Network for Good webinar.… Read More

Better meetings: BLUF and the three WHATs 

May 14, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Last year, I was talking about the critical importance of getting to the point quickly in meetings – and in messages – and a friend who is in the Navy taught me about BLUF. That’s the acronym they use in the military for Bottom Line Up Front. In a military setting, BLUF communications allow people… Read More

Why I helped start a magazine: Characters matter 

May 13, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

I’m excited to announced that today, Characters Magazine is live. Master storyteller Mark Rovner and I founded this literary magazine to feature the writing of people who work for good causes and to inspire better storytelling in our sector. You can read it free online here. Thanks to everyone who submitted ̵… Read More

On a personal note: A moment that shaped me 

May 10, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

I posted this on LinkedIn this week and thought I would share it with you. I was asked to write about what inspires me. I think “inspire” is perhaps not the right word given the tragedy I describe here. It was unspeakable. This is how it has shaped me, ever since. It held the fundamental… Read More

4 ways to give donors a better experience online 

May 9, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

A new Donor Experience guide is out from Crown Philanthropic Solutions. While it is written for community foundations and others providing giving platforms, the useful tips apply to all fundraisers. Here are some of the recommendations. Online giving should be: 1. Social: Personal connections are essential, so donors m… Read More

The magic two words that will get people to retweet you 

May 8, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Dan Zarrella is one of my favorite thinkers on social media, because he mines massive amounts of data and bases his recommendations on hard science. This is relatively rare yet needed in the field of social media marketing, and so he’s well worth following. He recently analyzed 2.7 million tweets and concluded th… Read More

The good and bad of brand storytelling 

May 7, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne, the Marketoonist Yesterday, I talked about brand reinvention. Today I want to talk about brand storytelling. The biggest mistake people make in brand storytelling is they forget the party shaping your brand story is the person experiencing the brand – and not your marketing department. T… Read More

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