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How to Make Your Mission More Compelling 

May 6, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Many nonprofits have trouble making their missions relatable and exciting to potential supporters. I often get questions like this one from Deirdre: “As an organization with a mission that is a bit more abstract than, say, feeding hungry children or saving whales, we often struggle to make our work concrete. How … Read More

4 lessons on the art of reinventing your brand 

May 6, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

How can people or nonprofits reinvent their brands? What does it take to remake who we are and how we’re perceived? I’ve been thinking about these questions since having lunch couple of weeks ago with Dorie Clark, a stellar marketing strategist. Clark graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College at age 18 an… Read More

A simple picture to sharpen your focus 

May 3, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

I’ve shared this before, but it bears repeating: Your organization should dwell in the intersection of this picture, which is a combination of thinking from Jim Collins’ hedgehog concept and BBMG‘s branding thinking. If you don’t know which program to pursue or which message to choose, ask yourself: whi… Read More

Your guide to creating social habits for good 

May 2, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

I co-presented a session at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, “Creating Habits for Social Good: Use Behavioral Insights to Get Your Audience Hooked on Your Web Experience.” If you missed it, now is your chance to hear it! I’m re-presenting it as a free webinar on May 14. Here is the description: Th… Read More

My least favorite fundraising framing: Shame 

May 1, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

UNICEF Sweden has launched a new campaign that tells people who Tweet about their cause or like their Facebook page fail to make a difference – and could put a life in jeopardy. It’s essentially a shaming campaign, as outlined in this Atlantic article. I don’t like to single out campaigns, but this on… Read More

Nonprofit blog carnival: Your 25 pieces of best advice 

April 30, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

For the month of April, I’m hosting the nonprofit blog carnival. A carnival is a mix of contributions from bloggers and readers on a shared theme, and I chose the theme, “best advice.” I asked you the following question: What was the one, best piece of professional advice you ever got and why? How has… Read More

New giving index shows healthy 2012 online holiday giving 

April 29, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Network for Good, along with PayPal and Blackbaud, has been participating in the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s new online giving index. The Q4 2012 results are out, and you can see the data and compare it to your own experience at the Chronicle site here. The headlines: -After a sluggish summer, giving rebounded at… Read More

A dozen free ebooks from Network for Good 

April 26, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

At Network for Good, we generate lots of great, free content. For today’s post, I wanted to highlight a great resource: our library of free ebooks for fundraisers. You can view and download the guides here. Learn about everything from mobile to social media to fundraising to behavior economics. Enjoy!… Read More

On a personal note: In support of leaning in 

April 25, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

This week, I published a personal post on my LinkedIn blog. I thought I’d share it here. I was asked by LinkedIn to post on the theme of “my best career mistake.” You can view the original post here. I welcome your reactions and thoughts. Eight years ago, I found myself scraping the tops off… Read More

The Secret to Effective Fundraising Premiums 

April 24, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

At the recent Nonprofit Technology Conference, I was asked about donor or fundraising premiums — those return address labels, mugs, etc. given to people in exchange for making a donation.  From the research I’ve seen, fundraising premiums can work to boost giving in the short term but also create some prob… Read More

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