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Building a fundraising board – advice from the ‘board whisperer’ 

April 24, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Image via the Traditional Fundraiser’s Coloring Book Because I’ve been posting a lot about the state of the fundraising field – and the critical role of boards in bettering it – I wanted to invite you to a free Network for Good webinar, Building a Strong Board for Fundraising Success. It’s… Read More

It has to be interesting to get shared 

April 23, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Awesome cartoon by Tom Fishburne, the Marketoonist Just a quick reminder as you kick off your day — make sure what you’re saying, sending or selling is worth sharing. Boring doesn’t get read. Boring doesn’t get shared. Boring doesn’t get funded. That’s why no one Tweets creamed corn. What does g… Read More

How truly great fundraising can flourish 

April 22, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Over the past year, researchers Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang have sought to answer the question, how can truly great fundraising flourish? It’s a timely question given that half of fundraisers want to quit – and a quarter of bosses said they fired their last fundraiser. The report – commissioned by t… Read More

When donor gifts work – and when they don’t 

April 19, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

At the recent Nonprofit Technology Conference, I was asked about donor premiums – those return address labels, mugs, etc. given to people in exchange for making a donation. From the research I’ve seen, premiums can work to boost giving in the short term but also create some problems long term, especially if… Read More

A post for when you’re stuck on replay 

April 18, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Photo via BigStockPhoto. Are you stuck on replay? Do you do the same things, the same way, over and over? It’s easy to have this happen, and it’s honestly what I fear most. “Replay” can be somewhat effective if you’re sticking to what works well. The problem is it can also create an autopi… Read More

Consumers like companies with a cause – but do they trust them? 

April 17, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

A new study conducted by Good.Must.Grow has found consumers are apt to like and buy products from socially responsible companies – but they also question the claims of corporations who say they are committed to the greater good. In the poll of 1,015 Americans, nearly a third of respondents claimed to have sought … Read More

Re-imagining your annual report 

April 16, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

It’s the time of year when you’re packaging up your annual reports for 2012. Before you move forward with the same approach as last year, it’s worth asking: -Who is the audience? -What do you need to accomplish with this report? -Should we question the old approach? Here’s a great example of wha… Read More

Video lessons in how to make a vast problem relatable 

April 15, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

I’m back from the Nonprofit Technology Conference. At one of my sessions, I talked about the importance of taking the vast problems we seek to address and the critical importance of translating them into a scale that is: 1.) Relatable 2.) Addressable and 3) Inspiring When we fail to do this, we overwhelm people a… Read More

Free webinar: Mastering the in-person ask 

April 12, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

If the thought of asking for a donation in person makes you sweat, Network for Good’s next free webinar is for you. Tune in Tuesday, April 16 at 1 p.m. Eastern to hear fundraising expert Jay Frost give nonprofits the insider scoop on garnering support via one of the most powerful methods — the in-person… Read More

Fundraisers, not just donors, are sick of endless appeals 

April 11, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Photo via Green America. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a fascinating interview with fundraising guru Penelope Burk, author of the upcoming Donor-Centered Leadership. Turns out it’s not just donors who grow weary of too many direct mail appeals and telemarketing calls. It’s apparently a frequent reason f… Read More

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