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Join Me in a Different Kind of Valentine’s Day this Year 

February 13, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Are you hungry? I don’t mean craving food, though you may want a box of chocolates now that I raised the topic. What I mean is, do you approach your work in a mode of devouring or consuming? Are you in the business of taking? I ask these questions because I believe turning hunger on… Read More

Question 1: How do I deal with colleagues overruling my communications expertise? 

February 12, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Thanks everyone who responded to yesterday’s post inviting questions. I got dozens, and in the coming weeks I will answer nearly all (I’m skipping the few thinly veiled product marketing queries). Let’s kick if off with questions from Stephen and Anonymous: First, Stephen: As a communicator for nonpro… Read More

Ask me a question: I’ll post the answer here 

February 11, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Many blog readers write me with questions about their work. I try to answer what I can, and sometimes I get permission from the inquirer to share my answers here. As an experiment in making this exercise useful to more people, I am inviting you to ask me a question. I’ll answer it here on… Read More

Friday fun: Find your social networking personality 

February 8, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

This is a fun Friday flowchart to determine your social networking personality via Mashable. It’s extreme. But that’s what I like about it. It forces us to own up to our own foibles. Or at least call out the typical ones, like humble-bragging. What are you? I like to think I am Mr. Nice Guy… Read More

How to put peer pressure to work for your cause 

February 7, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Photo credit: Jen Talks Too Much Blog In an often-cited study by psychologist Robert Cialdini, various placard messages were tested in hotels that were seeking to be more environmental conscious by encouraging guests to reuse their towels. The messages included: Message 1 “Reuse your towel to save the environment.”… Read More

Picture this: 2012 online giving illustrated 

February 6, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

At Network for Good, we found online giving once more on the rise in 2012. You can see the data illustrated via the 2012 Digital Giving Index infographic below, but one thing worth noting is this: donations made directly through nonprofit websites with branded giving pages raised six times more dollars than generic giv… Read More

Why cause marketing is booming – and 3 ways to keep it effective 

February 5, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

Cause marketing grew again in 2012. Why are more and more companies embracing good causes? Because it works to drive sales – and do good in the process. According to Edelman and emarketer, customers are consistently more inclined to buy products from companies aligned with causes. That said, there is still plenty… Read More

Why donors stop their support 

February 4, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

I recently hosted a guest post by Jay Love on the great donor exodus. He covered how to determine how many donors you are keeping – and losing. Today, he’s back with another guest post to discuss WHY they leave. Please share this post, because understanding why donors quit is the first step to getting… Read More

4 questions to ask before checking the box 

February 1, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

A few years ago, Bonny Wolf told a great story on NPR that goes something like this: In Chicago, a friend cuts off the end of roast beef before she cooks it. She does it because her mother does it. Her mother does it because her grandmother did it. So one day, the friend asks… Read More

Smile, you’re in the happiness business 

January 31, 2013

By: Katya Andresen

You’re in the business not only of doing good; you’re in the business of making people feel great. I like to quote the researcher M.A.Strahilevitz on this topic: “Most fundraisers probably don’t think of themselves in the business of selling happiness to donors, but that is … their job.” In an i… Read More

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