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Linda Lombardi

Content Manager

7 Year-End Appeal Strategies for Better Results 

December 11, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

We’re well into the giving season and the clock is ticking to put together a successful year-end appeal. But there’s still time to make your message stand out. Focus on the essential elements of a year-end appeal to catch your donors’ attention during this season. A strong year-end appeal increases the odds that … Read More

Ditch Your Spreadsheets for Better Fundraising Results 

December 6, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

It’s every fundraiser’s nightmare. You have a big campaign ready to launch to your loyal supporters. You’ve planned an integrated campaign featuring direct mail, email, and online giving. You have a moving story, great imagery, and a strong call to action. Your donors are going to love this appeal! Bu… Read More

[Checklist] 10-Point Checklist to Enhance Your Seasonal Fundraising Campaign 

December 5, 2018

Top 10 list to maximize your year-end fundraising campaign.…

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Streamline Your Year-End To-Do List with Technology 

December 4, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

The end of the year brings a torrent of to-dos for nonprofits. You have multiple items on your agenda, holidays to contend with, and only a few weeks left to meet your annual fundraising goal. Your budget is riding on the success of your year-end campaign. With so much that has to be done, you… Read More

[eGuide] 30-Day Plan to Maximize Year-End Fundraising Results 

November 30, 2018

Improve your year-end results in just 30 days! Review and update your case for support, create memorable appeals and assets, and launch that all-important final campaign push.…

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6 Ways to Improve Year-End Online Giving 

November 29, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

Online giving is one of the most popular ways donors contribute their year-end gifts to nonprofits. More and more people are relying on technology to streamline their to-do lists, especially during the busy holiday season. Donating online is fast, easy, and provides an instant sense of accomplishment for donors. It als… Read More

The Impact of #GivingTuesday Infographic 

November 26, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

Still wondering if you should participate in #GvingTuesday tomorrow? From first-time donors to your longtime, faithful donor base, this global day of giving is one of the most popular events of the giving season. Network for Good’s data shows that charitable giving on our platform on #GivingTuesday continues to g… Read More

Last-Minute Tips for #GivingTuesday 

November 23, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The parades are over, leftovers are put away, and house guests are heading home. Now it’s time to turn your attention to #GivingTuesday. With just a few days until the big event, you may be wondering what you can do in such a short amount of time. Is it even worth… Read More

Are You Ready for #GivingTuesday? 

November 19, 2018

By: Linda Lombardi

Next Tuesday, November 27, is one of the most exciting days of the year for any nonprofit. Every year, on #GivingTuesday, donors across the country turn their attention to their year-end giving. No other day creates the same worldwide feeling of philanthropy and goodwill. In 2017, 300 million dollars was raised online.… Read More

[eGuide] 10 Creative Ways to Thank Donors 

November 19, 2018

Get creative with your thank yous to generate goodwill and donor retention.…

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