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Nancy Schwartz

Nonprofit Marketing Coach and Problem Solver

Marketing problem solver Nancy Schwartz helps nonprofit organizations raise awareness, hone messages and grow loyal relationships with key supporters.

Known for connecting strategy with refreshingly practical application, Nancy is a renowned speaker and trainer, a disarming and motivating coach and consultant, and publisher of the popular blog and e-newsletter, Getting Attention. In any medium, her deep experience, insights and passion guide clients up and over their most daunting nonprofit marketing challenges


Fundraising + Marketing = Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts 

June 18, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

Imagine: You’ve worked long and hard to grow a strong relationship with your communications colleagues (or, if you’re on the communications side, with your fundraising colleagues). You all know that working as a team to solicit, gather, and share insights on supporters is the path to strong and lasting relationship… Read More

How to Measure the Impact of Your Nonprofit Marketing 

June 12, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

Ever since super-smart statistician Nate Silver brought presidential campaign data to the headlines in 2012, we’ve become a metrics-obsessed nation. That’s changed the life of most marketers I know, who have been asked (pressured even, in some cases) to harvest and analyze more data than ever before. This hyperfocu… Read More

Use the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Strengthen Your Donor Communications 

June 6, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

Donor communications that connect—that appreciate, energize, and activate your prospects and donors—are the key to fundraising success. But you already know that. What you may not know, however, is that few organizations do donor communications well. Most have lots of room to improve, as evidenced by the focus on d… Read More

Use Your Newsletters to Keep Donors Loyal, Focused, and Giving 

May 20, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

You’ve seen it happen: When we stop putting energy into relationships with family and friends—relying on past interactions to hold us together—those relationships tend to fall apart. Like your college roommate or that work friend from your first job. Relationships with organization’s donors require the same kin… Read More

6 Types of Stories that Spur Giving 

May 6, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

[Editor’s note: We’re very excited to announce that Nancy Schwartz will be a regular columnist for Network for Good’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog. Twice each month, Nancy will share her expert tips and insight on communications, marketing, and sector trends. Enjoy!] As a fundraiser, you aim to change how… Read More

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