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Shelly Watts

Shelly Watts is a fundraising expert and consultant for Network for Good. She is the founder of Thoughtful Missions, a fundraising consulting firm. Shelly established Thoughtful Missions to put action to her Christian faith and a desire to support amazing organizations doing incredible work all over the world. She serves global humanitarian organizations such as Pioneers, Forward Edge International, and SEND International.

Shelly also works with local nonprofits such as Advancing Macomb, GivingYoung, and Henry Ford Estate. She cares deeply about the profession of fundraising and is relentlessly dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations with their fundraising strategies.

Nonprofit911: How to Write a Winning Year-End Appeal 

October 18, 2016

Speaker: Shelly Watts

Discover the best way to tell your nonprofit’s story, set your campaign timeline, and write an appeal letter that inspires donors to give big…

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