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Busted: The 5 Myths of Social Media for Nonprofits

Social media can provide new opportunities for your nonprofit to promote its cause. But watch out for these five social media myths while you connect with your supporters online: Social Media Icons

1. Social media is free.

Compared with writing, designing, and printing an annual report or direct mail piece, social media is certainly free. But it still takes time for you and your staff members to build relationships and network online.

2. It’s a silver bullet for fundraising.

Social media itself isn’t a key fundraising channel, so being on Facebook won’t guarantee that your next campaign will net millions of dollars. Instead, use social media for building relationships, rather than for hard asks. You have to have good content and good strategy to help your fans see your campaigns.

3. It’s an opportunity to control your message and what everyone thinks about you.

Instead of one organization talking to many people, social media is about letting the community be part of shaping the message. Of course, you can broadcast about your nonprofit. But by using social media as a way to talk with supporters instead of just at them, you can truly interact. Your fans will get a chance to see the meaning in your work and feel genuinely involved.

4. It’s always appealing to Millennials.

Yes, Millennials are known for their love of social media and the ease with which they use it. But just being on social media won’t make your organization cool. They key is to know your audience and appeal to them.

5. With social media, you don’t need to have clear messaging.

If your organization isn’t clear about its mission, getting on social media won’t change that. Just like with other methods of communication, your group needs to use strong messaging to say who you are and why you matter in order to appeal to supporters.


To learn more about these myths and how you your organization can use social media to connect with supporters, access the archived webinar presentation, Develop a Social Media Strategy, with nonprofit communications expert Farra Trompeter.

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